‘Tis interesting:

The Biden Aministration is decrying the fact that “black and brown” people are not getting “vaccinated” (or “taking the shot) for the Wuhan virus…..and saying that it is due to some sort of “Racial Inequities”..


When in reality, Black (and “Brown”) people don’t trust the government enough to want to take the shot.

And let us not fail to remember that they, especially Black people, failed to adjust their lifestyles, so that their simple social behavior led to enough interactions to increase their risk…nothing like partying with 3 or 4 hundred of your closest friends to help keep that Wuhan stuff at bay….(instead of keeping to ones home and probably not being exposed).

But it MUST be the white man that causes all the issues, right? Couldn’t be the cultural differences that cause ’em. Nope. Folks who choose not to get the shot, others who won’t travel to get it like white people do…..

At some hospitals, where the shot is free for staff (but not compulsory), less than 30% of the folks of African ancestry took the free shot…and less than half of the Hispanics.

There are a LOT of reason that point to why the “Black” and “Brown” population has been harder hit…obesity, lack of decent nutrition, cultural, etc….But none of them are the fault of the “White Man”. The issues are internal, not external to those populations. ,,,,but that is true of most of their issues, innit?

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  1. And if you’re an old white man, you go to the back of the line…

  2. I don’t know about black folks, but Mexicans HATE going to doctors! I know; I MARRIED ONE. They’d rather got a “brujo;” (brooho) a witch doctor, than to a certified physician! They also love to self-medicate.

    As for the rest, I guess some distrust the government. Why wouldn’t they? I guess a more fitting question would be “Why would ANYONE trust the government?” The rest, however, are victims of their own lifestyle choices… as well as their lack of personal and group hygiene… Call me “racist if” you wish. I’m just seeing what I’m seeing and it is what it is…

  3. Here’s some examples of why blacks and browns might not trust their government when it comes to medical issues:

    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4354806/ detailing the US Public Health Service’s study of syphilis at Tuskegee University using only African Americans.

    https://time.com/4746297/henrietta-lacks-movie-history-research-oprah/ a general look at the use of African Americans as unwilling research subjects.

    https://www.statnews.com/2018/10/17/medical-research-african-americans-trust/ a recent study that shows the continued high rate of use of African Americans in “exception from informed consent” trials.

    There’s more if you just go look for it.

    And, B, who would you blame for these?


    • Well. Pete, I can;t argue that that happened IN THE PAST.
      But you can’t spend more and more time (and money) convincing them to take the shot while decrying the fact that they CHOOSE not to take the shot….and then cry about “Inequities” when they aren’t getting the shot….

      Thing is, there have been *generations* that have lived and died since the incidents you pointed out. few folks that were alive then are alive now.
      How long are you gonna live in the past? How long are you gonna blame whites for blackpeople’s failure to take advantage of something?

      IF they fail to get the shot, then that is their choice. It ain’t the White Man keeping them down.

      • Oh, and we all get the same shot. It isn’t like there are vials labelled Black, Brown and WHite.

        Your argument is invalid. But you knew that already.

        • B, it probably helps if you read the articles you are arguing against.

          You said, “Thing is, there have been *generations* that have lived and died since the incidents you pointed out. few folks that were alive then are alive now.”

          The Tuskegee study ran from 1934-1974. Participants at the end of this study would have been contemporaries of Vietnam War vets. Are they all dead and gone? Can’t be because I know some, and I’m sure you do too.

          The third article I cited refers to a study done in October of 2018 at Harvard. I quote the article, “. . . 41 “exception from informed consent” trials conducted over the past 20 years came as a huge step backward.”

          Tell me, B, how many generations come and go in the span of just over two years?

          You also said, “Oh, and we all get the same shot. It isn’t like there are vials labelled Black, Brown and WHite.”

          I seem to remember a post of yours regarding Dr. Fauci receiving the vaccine on television. To summarize, you were skeptical. Considering the history blacks and browns have in this country with the white race, I would think they actually have legitimate reasons for their skepticism.

          Seems your response is invalid, so I will ask again. Who is to blame for the incidents in the articles that I cited that have taken place and are still taking place?


          • Perhaps YOU should take your own advice and read the articles you reference….Dallas county was told that they could not discriminate based on race.

            Why should they not provide the vaccine to everyone? Or is that some of your white guilt saying thta they should only vaccinate Black People first and let the whites die?

            THe original question was why is it everyone else’s responsibility to make sure that Black people take the shot instead of complaining that it is somehow everyone ele’s fault that thtir community fails to take advantage of the same resources like everyone else?

            Perhaps you should take your white Guilt and self hatred elesewhere. I grow tired of refuting your asinine assumptions that all black issues are somehow the fault of white (or some other) culture, and never the fault of Black people and their culture much of the time. Every other race and culture somehow rises except the Black race. Latinos (both Central Americans and South Americans), Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Russians, Poles, Irish, Italians, Eastern Indians, Jews from all over (listed because their culture is different), even folks from the Mid East, despite their culture, come to the US and thrive….no one makes excuses for them.

  4. B,

    Several responses and then I’m out on this post.

    First, I have never suggested that all black issues are the fault of whites (or some other culture). I’ve only pushed back on your assertions that whites have no responsibility.

    Second, all the other immigrant types you mention came here of their own volition (for the most part), but a great deal of the black population were forced here. There is a big difference.

    Third, vaccinating people doesn’t have to be a zero sum game. One can target a hard hit group and still vaccinate others.

    Finally, back to the original question. I pointed out several reasons why blacks might be hesitant to get vaccinated, but we need at least a percentage of them to get vaccinated to reach herd immunity. So it’s probably pretty important to convince them to get vaccinated.


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