1 is good, 2 is gooder, so…

If ONE mask was good, and now, two is better, then at what point is enough, enough?

(Note that while it MAY be true, no one has done any studies as the efficacy of double or triple masking…meaning that the whole idea is pretty much bullshit)….)

At some point, wearing 3 or 4 or 5 masks or even more, there will be no deaths from covid….’cause all the deaths will be from asphixiation.

Wearing masks wasn’t supposed to protect the wearer, but the folks around them, remember? Not filters for air going IN, but rather for filtering air going OUT…keeping droplets of spittle and such from carrying disease to others.

Of course, if one has any sense of history, one can remember when the “experts” told us that masks weren’t effective at all.

But that no longer matters, right?


Trust those experts. Really.

They are the ones that chose 6 feet (3 meters) with absolutely no modern data (and even the “experts” disagree) for their decision also….someone just pulled the distance out of their ass….no one know if that is, indeed, an effective distance…nor do they take into account factors such as airflow or direction


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  1. Never mind all those “placeholder” stickers on the floors of the stores. Someone vacates their place, and you step onto it… and right into the cloud they generated while standing there… Total crap…

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