Double standards

So the Left wants all the “Capitol Rioters” charged as Domestic Terrorists.

I could go along with that, as they did, after all, terroize the legislators in the Capitol that day. (apparently the prosecuters are having issues with the definition of “Insurrection, so this is their fallback plan)


But if we are gonna go that far, then let us investigate, find, and charge all those folks who rioted , looted, and burned last summer in the “Mostly Peaceful” porrtotests leading up to the election…They too terrorized people in those communities. Definitely those were incidents of Domestic Terrorism.

Further, then let us, as a nation, find, arrest, and charge all those Antifa folks. Especially those who do the occupations, who damage Federal Buildings, and who terrorize decent folks and shut down streets in cities with threats of violence.

If we are gonna go after “Domestic Terroists” then let us do it. But singling out the Capotol Rioters and letting those other folks go is a violation of the “Equal Potection Under the Law” rules we have in place here in the US.

Just ’cause the Left finds some terrorism useful (just before an election) doesn’t mean that these folks are any less guilty.

5 thoughts on “Double standards

  1. Take the blinders off, B.

    They did arrest, investigate and charge BLM protesters.

    Note this line from the above article: “Hundreds were arrested on burglary and looting charges.”

    Note the date of the article. Less than two weeks after George Floyd’s death.

    This is just for DC. The Jan. 6 arrests have closed the gap but are still less than the BLM arrests.

    But hey, don’t let facts get in the way.


    • Did they charge ’em with “Domestic Terrorism”?

      Nope, burglary and looting is all. Mostly midemeanors.

      And they arrested a very small percentage, and the later riots they didn’t bother to investigate at all. Not like the Capitol riot, where they are investigating EVERY SINGLE person that was even close…using Cell phone data to track them. And felony charges.

      Double standards.

      • AOC and her kind helped bail out the BLM rioters as fast as they were arrested. Now, AOC is crying that they tried to murder her. Funny how they supported the riots and aided in the attacks, but, when a different fringe group brings the shit to their doorstep, it is no longer freedom to demonstrate. Saw a post today in the news where BLM was nominated for a Peace prize. a PEACE prize. The modern society is messed up bad. Police stood by and watched as cities were torched and statues defaced and pulled down. They should have let the peaceful Capitol protesters set up shop in the building like they let the idiots block streets and stake out radical zones.

  2. WHO was the person who killed Ashli Babbit ? Has that person been charged yet ? NO. Because they are likely a DC cop or capitol police. And what about the persons who opened the doors and let people into the building ? Are THEY being charged ? I didn’t think so. The whole thing was a false flag operation and it succeeded splendidly. Any ‘investigation’ will be a coverup/fabricated story to blame ‘Trump supporters’ for any lawbreaking. We live in the Fourth Reich/Soviet States of America now. Face it.

  3. Best I can find, the crowd ranged from several thousand to a top end of 30,000 to hear Trump and others speak. So far, less than 200 charged with 400+ under investigation. Seems that, like the BLM protests, the vast majority involved were simply demonstrating their right to assemble, while those (relatively few) in trouble actually broke the law. One thing that could be affecting your perception is the overwhelming video and photographic evidence, something not as widely available during the BLM protests.

    Second, they stormed the Capitol, while Congress was in session! There is a distinction between criminal activity and terrorism. Example: I kill my wife; it is murder. I kill the President; it is assassination. In each case a person is dead, but the scope, as determined by society, is very different.

    Finally, let’s look at a right wing double standard. The right got all wound up when pro athletes kneeled during the National Anthem. Disrespecting a symbol of our great country. But now, authorities are being overly aggressive in pursuing those who stormed the Capitol (another symbol of our great country) while Congress was in session, killing a cop (so much for blue lives matter).


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