Dance you mutherfuckin’ assholes

So the FDA says that they never told people to stop taking Ivermectin.

they “recommended” that people not take it.

It was merely “guidance”.

Lying piles of steaming dog shit.

They stood by while people were jailed, people lost their medical licenses for prescribing ivermectin….and while people DIED because other doctors and pharmacists were intimidated against prescribing or supplying it…while the Post Office intercepted packages containing ivermectin meant to help people with Covid.

Dance you assholes. I hope you are prosecuted…for murder.

6 thoughts on “Dance you mutherfuckin’ assholes

  1. They and their media whore accomplices will keep repeating this lie until the simpleton sheeple believe it. They do it all the time.

  2. I’ve read of tribes past that cutting out tounges for lying

  3. As the nooses are placed around their necks, I hope the emcee at the execution “recommends” that they not strangulate or suffer broken necks.

    Fair is fair: punishment should fit the crime.

  4. It was merely “guidance…” Yeah; right… Uh… we have the VIDEO, kids!!! Others have the pink slips. Still others have the DEATH CERTIFICATES…

    …Now they want “amnesty…” KISS.MY.LILY.WHITE.ASS!!!

  5. Spent 4 days in hospital with Covid. NOT ONE medical professional knew anything about Ivermectin. They knew even less about Remdesivir. Argued with every doctor brave enough to enter my room. On 4th day I asked the clueless clown with MD on his name tag, “If one of your loved ones got Covid, would you treat that person with Ivermectin or slowly execute them with Remdesivir?” He stormed out. A few minutes later they decided I could go home. No oxygen augmentation though. Medicare Advocate took care of that problem. Went home, followed an internet regimen of OTC supplements plus Ivermectin. Cured in a week. Weeks later they executed my brother by withholding effective medication. Many doctors should have to face a Nuernberg trial, then the firing squad.

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