It’s funny. in a not funny way, that when there is a high profile shooting, we normally see the face and recent history of the shooter within hours of the shooting. Hell, we know what his last meal was and what color socks he was wearing….Especially if it is a black or gay victim set. Or if the shooter is a Right-Wing (or even Right -Leaning) person.

Yet we have only a name this time.

Why is that? We have a name, but no photo, no (recent) history…

I would like to give kudos to the (apparently) two people in the nightclub who apparently “subdued” the shooter (read that as “gave him a beatdown”) They apparently subdued the threat instead of running. Good job there.

7 thoughts on “y’know

    • Yeah, but you know dick-all about him since then
      And we still don’t have a photo, or anything else

      • My point was that the guy should have been in jail. Instead, due to soft on crime politicians here, he wasn’t. Nothing more.

  1. Yep, interesting yet again what is and what is NOT covered…

  2. Seems the suspects grandfather is a political mucky muck there…..probably had something to do with the fact that he wasn’t locked up for his prior history.

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