I can’t believe they can say that with a straight face….

CBS news just used the term “unprecedented” in reference to the 5 or so feet of snow expected in Buffalo, New York and the surrounding area. .

“Unprecedented” …Like it hasn’t happened nearly every year (and often more than once per year) during my lifetime.

And, somehow, it is the cause of “Climate Change” as well.

Do people really have no memory of what happened last year? Or the year before? Can they not remember back over their own lifetimes? I mean, a 4 year old might not have any history to remember, but any teenager should know better, much less an adult.

Hell, this snowfall in Buffalo isn’t even gonna be a record. Not even close.


5 thoughts on “I can’t believe they can say that with a straight face….

  1. Any time “Unprecedented” is used in a weather story, it’s not hard to disprove.
    But of course for Leftists, history starts every morning they wake up like goldfish.

  2. I like when they say something is “climate change” related, saying something like “This hasn’t happened since 1940” or the like. Oh; so this HAS happened before!

    As for Buffalo snowfall, there’s a reason for those “Santa Claus chimneys…”

  3. Sadly yes….a vast number of morons will take this shiite at face value.
    Even though anyone in their 60’s remembers MANY a news report of
    that region getting pasted with winter repeatedly over the decades.
    Every year the average IQ in America drops…..some years precipitously.
    The average IQ now is generally below the average temperature.

  4. And why, pray tell, are they distracting us with this drivel? What is the real story they don’t want told?

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