Sometimes I ain’t stupid

And sometimes that surprises me….

So last night, I woke up clean, wide awake, at 3 AM wondering if I had drained the water out of the ’27 Chrysler 4 door have in unheated storage…

I mean, so far we have just barely dipped below freezing, not enough to worry about the water in the radiator breaking it or the block.

But tonight it is supposed to get cold enough that that can be a concern.

So I made a trip out there and opened the drain valve and guess what?

Antifreeze came out. Huh. I must have been smart enough to put something besides water in the cooling system before putting it away…..




Oh, by the way, if anyone needs (or knows anyone who might be interested) in a decent restoration project, I am selling the car….I bought it so my Dad and I and my brother could work on it, but Dad is not really interested any longer. It runs and drives solid body and frame and has nearly all the parts. missing a few window cranks and such, but all the car is there, lights, all the hard to find stuff, etc. It would be an easy restoration project if someone wanted to put in the time.