If you gotta do it in secret….

Then perhaps there is something wrong with your actions…..and you know that there is.

Charlottsville Robert E Lee statue given to Black History Museum….then broken up and melted down in secret

Were they ashamed of what they were doing? Or did they know that the public would object and try to stop them? Either way, the secrecy shows they knew that they were wrong….


Shame that the Black people cannot build things up on their own, only tear down what whites have built, innit?

5 thoughts on “If you gotta do it in secret….

  1. They are lucky if they still know how to build mud huts.

  2. Probably to keep from getting an ‘education’ in history…

  3. Yes it’s sad. Completely wrong and vicious. so do we tear down every black monument now? How about cut and burn totem poles? Bulldoze every sacred grove and ceremonial mound? How about the Sphinx. There really is no end to this. This is just brain dead.
    I don’t worship idols but I liked seeing the great monuments built long ago in Egypt. Been to Jordan, Mexico, Honduras, too.

  4. oh come on, you know there’s all those great works of art and architecture and those amazing medical and scientific breakthroughs in africa like the…well, like the…., and then there’s the time they went to the moon?…. well shit, never mind…this shit is going to come back on them, soon.

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