Funny, no one even comments on THIS mass shooting event

‘Cause it is a typical Saturday night in the more urban neighborhoods.

At least 15 shot, 2 critically injured at Lawndale Halloween party; suspect in custody, police say

Y’know, my Dad’s Dad always told me that black people were really generally nice, but GROUPS of black people were trouble….

And the older I get the more I see he was correct.

You’d think, what with the terrible shooting in Maine, that the Media would be all over this…but because it involves Black people in a black neighborhood instead of a white man, they all but ignore it….

Pretty much the same thing in Tampa.

If you bother to look, you’ll find it happened in Philadelphia, Detroit, and nearly any¬† larger Blue City. The sum total is greater than the Maine shooting.

But no one bothers to make a big deal about it because it is expected behavior from that demographic….


3 thoughts on “Funny, no one even comments on THIS mass shooting event

  1. Black people are only a problem when they are together in large groups or when they believe they are in the majority. Then they act out like the animals they truly are. As long as they are outnumbered they behave.

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