Question for the legal folks

Is the “gag Order” imposed on Donald Trump legal?

If so, how is it legal? Under what statutes?

He’s not defaming anyone, he’s speaking an opinion.

How is squelching free speech outside of the courtroom legal, even for a judge in a trial?


Just wondering.



3 thoughts on “Question for the legal folks

  1. I’d be happy to explain how all that works, but the way I read the constitution, I’m not able to understand how that works..
    I still don’t understand how a judge can tell a defendant what he can’t say. If I want to bring a pony and a clown and have my defense sung to the court by a woman in Valentine costume, it’s My defense..
    And since Jury Nullification is something that every juror should know about, why are the courts adamant that that topic not be brought up?

    Shouldn’t the players know all the rules of the game?

  2. A “gag” order is like a finding of “contempt of court”. It has NO BASIS in law whatsoever. It’s conjured into existence solely from the ego of a judge.

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