I find it funny

(and anger inducing) that the Left is going after Conservative Supreme Court Justices for having personal views on things…For flying a flag ….for using a symbol that the Leftists and the press (but I repeat myself) associates with a radical movement….

Remember, these are the same people who insist that THEIR appointed judges be Women, or more Liberal in order that they can get the correct rulings…because THAT judge has Liberal views…..And grill the conservatives on their views.. .

If a judge, Left leaning or right, at that level, can’t put aside their own views and simply adjudicate based on the law and the arguments laid before them, then they should not have ever gotten to that point.

Do I think that Judge Kagan is Liberal? Yes. Does the fact that her views are more liberal than mine disqualify her from her position? No. How about Justice Jackson? She supported Black Lives Matter, yet I don’t hear any calls for her resignation…only the Conservatives…


This latest Kefluffle over flags is there only because the Liberals couldn’t get any traction with the views of Mrs Thomas and how it might affect his rulings…So now they areĀ  going after Alito.

Enough of this shit. The Leftists are getting over the line. I think they are desperate to be able to appoint a new justice before Trump wins the next election.



5 thoughts on “I find it funny

  1. they can always invite him out to montana for a “retreat” like scalia.

  2. And with the help of their media whores they will succeed in destroying Alito et. al

  3. Meh, just another of a never-ending series of bullshit, made up, nonexistent, fabricated “scandals” by the left to dupe their followers into a mass formation psychosis like trance to do their bidding.

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