I’m not gonna make a joke….

I’m not, I’m not, I’m not…

But the thought of submarines filled with women could lead one down that path….

Seriously, though, WTF? Why the push to force the Navy to accept women everwhere?

I’m not bashing women, and I am not saying that they can’t do the job. But much like the controversy with DADT, there ARE issues with women and men (and, for that matter, homosexuals) being in close proximity to other genders/sexual orientations for extended periods. On shore is one thing, in a ship (less room), another….In a sub (even less room), yet another. Perhaps subs staffed with women only?

The Navy will have to refit the sanitary facilities, and privacy, always an issue among hetero men (and even moreso with ladies), will become an even greater issue.


What gain is there? More combat effectiveness? I doubt it.

Just so some militant feminist(s) can be submariners? Or is it something else?

When will it end?

Yeah, I know, all the old arguments that are rehashed each and every time this comes up, but the fact is that there WILL be issues, there are issues now with women and men on ships as it stands.

And I bet the wives of these men will NOT be happy with this. Which WILL lead to issues and those men may not want to re-up. ’cause if momma ain’t happy no one is happy.

But all is good, I suppose, as long as we get a truly feminized integrated force……The PC folks will do anything to get their way, even to the weakening of our military.

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  1. What are they planning to do when (not if) one of the women gets pregnant? Keep her on board for another 6 months until the ship returns to base? Come to the surface and have her airlifted off (*that* sounds safe …)? Send the ship back to port early?

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