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so this occurs to me…

Just to be fair, since we have Black History Month this month (highlighting all the special folks who, throughout history who may have been black, or partially so, to be remembered and revered for a 30 day period, their accomplishments highlighted and their less than savory sides hidden) Do the rest of the races get their fair share of the rest of the months?

According to Wikipedia, the percentage of the population which is listed as “black” is 12.4%, or one in eight people. OK, they get the month of February. (which is one in 12 parts of the year more or less). (to be fair, they should get about a month and a half, or 6 weeks…)

Since Hispanics are 15.4% of the population, they should get “Hispanic History Month” which should really be about 7 weeks….

Asians should get about 2 weeks for their period of pride…

Whites, being 75% of the population, should there fore get 8 weeks or so to crow our accomplishments, and promote our “heroes”.

We, being the majority, can give a few days to each of the other ethnic groups to give them a chance to show pride in the accomplishments of their race.

Personally, I think the whole dammned thing is racist and stupid, but we have a history of pandering to the insecurities of our minorities, (which is why they cannot seem to rise above the racism that other folks have. (see also the Irish, the Poles, and many others).

So when is White History season? I’ll settle for just a quarter, rather than 3/4 of the year.

I can hear the screams already….