An interesting article

On where we might be headed if the Big Ass Government and it’s assorted members don’t pull their heads out soon.

I’m not so sure that, military might and security aside, if his vision did come about it would be a bad thing.

But then again, I weep for the death of the nation that existed during the time that I grew to adulthood.

I hope he is wrong.

Are you prepared for the chaos if he isn’t?

And just ’cause all of the big kids are doing it….

Here’s my Earth Destroyer Dodge…It has all of the good things,….Diesel, 4WD, etc.

Mostly stock, except that it has been modified to burn Waste Veggie (makes the Greenies dance for joy) but I also burn caribou fat and whale oil just to make’em scream in agony….I’m looking to find some baby seal skin seatcovers and a walrus tusk ivory shift knob to go with the elephant tusk ivory dash accent kit….


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What an embarassment for NASCAR

Seems that the Daytona Track is falling apart, and no one could fix it quickly.

So we hadda wait for 1:45 until they could get the track safe and restart the red-flagged race. I understand that this was for the drivers safety, but for christ’s sake, you’d think that they could do better.

The point is that no one bothered to check the track, and that what is arguably the premiere track for NASCAR is falling apart and needs repaving.

You’d think that what with the price of tickets they’d have been able to put a few bucks back for maintenance of the track surface.

You’d think that NASCAR could do better than this.


And in happened again 36 laps later.

Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

A lesson NASCAR could learn.

Yanno: I kinda quit watching NASCAR last year due to the loss of comeptetiveness with the Car Of Tomorrow, and this was, to be honest, their first chance to make a bad impression, and they succeeded.

In Passing:

Seems that i missed this until now.

They guy who is credited with the invention of the frisbee: Walter Fredrick Morrison, has died.

If there is a toy that is less ubiquitous throughout the US and western Europe, I don’t know what it is.

Not a hero, not a criminal, just a guy who had a good idea and took the time and effort to develop it.

A perfect American Success story.

Anybody but Bayh

anyone, really.

Just vote the asshole out.

Me? If the choice was the north end of a southbound horse and Bayh, I’d vote for the horse.

But luckily, we have alternatives to the horse.

Just something to think about…

When the average “supermarket” has less than 3 days of food on it’s shelf in normal times, THIS is what happens when deliveries are temporarily delayed..

And this is why I prep for at least a weak without availability of food/water/fuel/electricity. etc.

When everyone rushes out just before a storm to buy french toast fixins’ (milk, butter, bread, eggs) then the stores just run out of food….JIT delivery fails when there are delays due to weather.

How long can you go without a trip to the store? Me? It’ll be a while before my roommates and pets need to worry.