What an embarassment for NASCAR

Seems that the Daytona Track is falling apart, and no one could fix it quickly.

So we hadda wait for 1:45 until they could get the track safe and restart the red-flagged race. I understand that this was for the drivers safety, but for christ’s sake, you’d think that they could do better.

The point is that no one bothered to check the track, and that what is arguably the premiere track for NASCAR is falling apart and needs repaving.

You’d think that what with the price of tickets they’d have been able to put a few bucks back for maintenance of the track surface.

You’d think that NASCAR could do better than this.


And in happened again 36 laps later.

Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

A lesson NASCAR could learn.

Yanno: I kinda quit watching NASCAR last year due to the loss of comeptetiveness with the Car Of Tomorrow, and this was, to be honest, their first chance to make a bad impression, and they succeeded.