They have no idea what kind of a shitstorm this will bring

Healthcare passed

This is going to bring a shitstorm upon those who voted for it. Yet another notch forward on the cog of revolution…

Personally, I’d like to see what happens when (if) the public finds out how much of our money has been spent to bribe senators buy votes.

Were we a less civilized people, we might riot, burn, hang and behead our senators. Think torches and pitchforks, rope, tar, and feathers, tree branches…..

Of course, I would not advocate such violence…….yeah, that’s it.

Methinks our forefathers would, however, have expressed their dissatisfaction in a physical way when said senators return home. Good thing for then that we are less inclined to do so. Otherwise homes and cars might burn and families flee in fear.

I expect that the elections in 2010 shall be interesting. It’s always a bad idea to poke the sleeping giant dragon….

perhaps our newly elected representatives and senators will repeal this disastrous legislation