Black Lives DON’T Matter

Apparently to the folks in the Chicago’s South and West sides, that is.
21 shot, 7 dead. And that is just as of Saturday night at 10 PM.

One of the was a 20 month old boy strapped in a child seat in the back of his mother’s car.

It ain’t the Amish that are killing these folks.

And, oddly, this is compared to ZERO shootings by cops. Zero black people killed by cops.

But Black Lives Matter. What bullshit.

4 thoughts on “Black Lives DON’T Matter

  1. And no media coverage… Goes against the 'agenda'… And people are dead, with no one ever knowing their names other than the grieving family members.

  2. Of course no media coverage. Try getting a comment published in the MSM that points out that 94% of black murders are committed by other black people.

  3. "black lives matter" is NOT about black lives. It is about tearing down our country. It is a communist/marxist conspiracy There is only ONE way to make a communist into a GOOD communist. And we will soon have to start converting them. I do not look forward to it. But it must be done before our country is gone. God help us.

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