That “Sanctuary City” thing

Is starting to pinch…..


Seems that even the State of New York is feeling that .

The state don’t want to spread out the “Migrants” all over the state, but rather concentrate them where they already are (although the people living in those areas are not in agreement) and may well not help New York City in funding the migrant shelters either (Apparently New York City has a “Right to Shelter” law in place….but the state says it doesn’t apply outside of the city….)

NYC is starting to feel the pinch of all those migrants needing shelter, food and care… It is expensive…..I think it is wonderful that they are feeling that pain….and that burden should continue to be spread out by the southern states to EVERY city that claimed to be a “Sanctuary”…..the liberals need to have their feet held to the fire…forced to walk the talk.

Of course, the rich liberals in Martha’s Vineyard showed us their true colors, and at some point the folks in NYC will have had enough of what they wished upon the Southern border states…….But until then let them squirm.

2 thoughts on “That “Sanctuary City” thing

  1. There are 500 sanctuary cities across America according to our friend google. So keep the buses rolling as lots of cities ready to host them.

  2. By the way Adams and Houchel and the rest speak, it is clear that want the pain inflicted on the Heritage states and areas while the blue hives should enjoy the virtue signaling. The come out again and again with the double talk, and it is not an accident. Martha’s Vinyard could house 100,000 people on the island with all the spare rooms and Air BnBs there. They tossed a handful of invaders a pizza and some cold cereal and had them shipped out pronto under the escort and supervision of the Massachusetts State Police at the Governor’s direction. Notice Communists Governance springs into action to aid the invaders when they are headed for poor areas or Heritage locations and also springs into action to quickly remove them if they make it to a rich liberal haven.
    I have noticed that the non-profits profiting (they are), from and promoting the invasion are the main source of enabling the invaders. They are dumping them on smaller towns throughout America without warning as the bigger sanctuary cities fill up and start to have problems with the numbers. The non-profits cast their eyes around and are usually the source of proposals to house them is alternative locations in other jurisdictions such as dorm rooms at rural colleges. They take the payout to traffic the invaders to a given place and then propose that they are now the state government’s problem and suggest other people’s private property as a solution.
    Another thing that is clear to me is that the invaders will be drawn to those places that hand them free stuff. They are not interested in much else. They will all find there way back to New York City and the other big metros because they think that is where the streets are paved in gold and the free money tree is. The public/private conspiracy to flood the country with an even layer of these barbarians will ultimately boomerang on the big blue hives as they trickle back to the big towns. With any luck they will start protesting and rioting due to failure to meet the economic fantasies they came half way around the World to realize.

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