You’d think it was the end of the world….

So here in the Greater Chicago Metro area it is gonna be a hundred degrees Fahrenheit.. Hot, yes. Humid too.  Like dewpoints in the 90’s. Plus no breeze.

The media is, of course, hyping it up greatly. Like it has never happened before. (It has, many times). Lots of times I’ve worked outside in these conditions in the past. I may or may not do so today. But the TV folks are playing it up Big Time.

They are telling everyone how to not die in this terrible (not) heat.  Do people really need to be reminded to drink enough water? To stay out of the sun when possible? Is it a good idea to thwart Darwin by reminding them of this? Are people really stupid enough to not drink water and to stay in the sun when it is hot and humid? Should we care if they do?

The issue isn’t the heat, as they say, but the humidity and lack of a breeze. Even sweating, one cannot cool off because the sweat doesn’t evaporate. But it isn’t like it hasn’t happened before, and it isn’t like it isn’t endured by people in our southern states every year. It’s hot, but not even record hot.

If you die from being out in this weather it is generally cause you are stupid.

10 thoughts on “You’d think it was the end of the world….

  1. 100 degrees, 90% humidity, little to no wind.

    Welcome to Florida!!! (not on the beaches, that is. the beaches are usually cooler, somewhat.)

    • Dewpoint in the 90’s. Not percent humidity, Dwewpoint.
      It was actually a higher dewpoint in my AO today than it was in Gainsville or Daytona today.

  2. Raised in the Mississippi Valley about a mile from the river. When we knew Really Hot was coming they cooked ahead of time. Icebox, cooled by hugh blocks of ice, were filled with potato, cucumber, macaroni salads, deviled eggs, jello with fruit and when the men got home dinner was served with browned meatloaf slices made a day or two before. Also if tomatoes were ripe they were always served at each meal. You got ready but sat down, conserved your energy and drank plenty of water or ice tea.

  3. I would need to do some searching, but way back when, Mayor Daley II “The Stooge”, told people during the 1995 heat wave “Don’t wear fur coats”.
    I had the misfortune to be in Chicago today (Thursday) and it was 107.

    • That’s the “Feels Like” temp, not actual measured thermometer temp though, right?

  4. I’ve wondered how humans survived for so many millenia on this planet without knowing what the “feels like” temperature was.

    Or that TV weather maps are supposed to be all red between June and October and all blue from November to March.

    Baffling, it is.

    Anon 2

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