A question:

Since Georgia has eliminated “Cash Bail” for criminals, why do Trump and his other “Co-Conspirators” have to pay their bail at Fulton County ?


I mean, seriously. Pick one and stick with it, or you are just showing that this is a show trial….If thieves, murderers and such don’t have to pay bail to get out of jail, then why does Trump and his friends?

4 thoughts on “A question:

  1. The law is NOT the law to the left. It’s only a tool they use in their assault on America. It applies to those they hate. Not to anyone on their side. TINVOWOOT

  2. Just wake up everyday with the understanding that Democrats are liars and cheaters.
    Nothing has to make sense and rules/laws don’t apply to them

  3. Why would Trump need bail anyway? He is running for President, does anyone think he is going to skip the country? Where would he go? Surly he could go on his own recognizance.

    It is a banana Republic show trial.

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