Sometimes I should just keep my mouth shut

So I overhear this asshole bloviating loudly (In public) about how “MAGA assholes” cannot seriously be considering voting for Trump for President again? Loudly and in public, telling anyone in earshot about how voting for Trump is voting for a criminal and the downfall of the country…..


And I should have just kept my pie-hole firmly closed and picked up my food and left the take-out place…..But no.

I asked him to explain how assholes like him could consider voting for a jerk like Biden (or, for that matter, Hillary) who so obviously was selling the office of the presidency (and vice presidency) and that of Secretary of State to foreign powers and special interests….I bought up Barry’s most obvious kickback scheme from the founders of Solyndra¬† and how much that cost the Taxpayers but enriched the founders of the company…..

“Yet you assholes keep voting for them, and people like them because they are “Democrats”, who also want to reduce our freedoms and the things that made this country the best in the world………, so why is it unreasonable for the MAGA people to vote for greater freedoms and for someone who wants to “Make America Great Again”? How come it is all one sided?”

I thought for a minute he was gonna cry. But lucky for me, about then my food was ready, so I left.


(note that I still hope we can find a leader that isn’t Trump, mind you….But when push comes to shove when it comes down to two…he may be the best of the bad choices)

3 thoughts on “Sometimes I should just keep my mouth shut

  1. I have yet to hear from any other candidate than Trump that we should only be concerned with American interests in America. Drill here, drill now. Tell China to suck it and tarriff them out of existence. Close the borders and round up the illegals. Take care of Americans first before anyone else.

    Yeah, Trump screwed up and trusted insiders too much.

    Yeah, Trump screwed up about the bump-stock thingy.

    Yeah, Trump is a squishy middle-of-the-roader.


    Trump, so far, is the only one standing outside of the entrenched politician/bureaucrat class.

    Will I vote for a candidate who is better overall than Trump? If one shows up.

    How I can tell that Trump is the only one the Dems are worried about. No other candidate is under a constant barrage of political underhandedness.

    Plus… his wife is Hot.

    • ‘Twasn’t the point here.
      I’m glad you feel Trump is your savior. I disagree.

      But feel free to tell us all about it on your blog.

  2. I was running errands yesterday and listening to Seb Gorka’s show. He had another guest host on talking with his co-host from some Cali radio show.

    I think I’m going to start calling them Tumpkins again. They’re the same cult of personality that the 0bamaphils were- except, so far they haven’t been forcing their kids to sing creepy songs in adoration of him. If you bring up anything you disagree with, you’re a RINO, traitor or anything else they can think of.

    When Trump was in office, except for the border- he acted just like the Democrat he was before he decided to run for the Republican nomination in 2015.

    I didn’t vote for him in the last primary and won’t vote for him in the next one, but I did and will vote for (almost) any Republican who’s the nominee.

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