Have ya noticed?

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Have you noticed the subtle indications that Covid 2.0 panic is being implemented?


The gentle reminders on TV and radio that “The Pandemic may be over, but Covid isn’t” and “you may be done with Covid but it isn’t done with you” , and “Covid is still the 5th leading cause of death” in the advertisements by the US department of Health and the CDC….

The gentle slide back to the old ways….some institutions requiring masks…Morris College wants masks in Hallways and lecture halls (but nowhere else?)  Seattle requiring masks in Healthcare facilities….

Some studios in Hollywood requiring masks in their offices…

The subtle messaging in the media about the upcoming Covid season. ..one of several new strains

The fact that they know Covid is invading the US again from other countries but won’t do anything to stop it, much like last time when they allowed folks from China to still fly to the US and enter without any quarantine…. If they think these new variants are an issue, then why not test every person entering the country from elsewhere for ANY covid? ? Why not do basic prevention to keep Covid out of the country? UNless they want another set of panic….

I guess those folks in government need more money

I fully expect that there will be another “Two Weeks to flatten the curve” emergency that will (again) last for a few months.

Adjust your prep plans accordingly….. Beat the rush, stock up on TP flour, yeast and such early…..(what else did we run out of in the stores?)

And remember what happened to the financial markets last time and adjust your investments to plan for that….minimize the damage…. You might even be able to make money long term if you plan it right.

But whatever, expect some level of Covid Panic/Lockdown again. Plan accordingly.


6 thoughts on “Have ya noticed?

  1. Oh; and my over-the-moon Leftie mom sent me a link from the Washington Post concerning the “lingering effects” of “Long COVID.”


    Get a load of the laundry list of maladies now attributed to “Long COVID!!!” Literally ANYTHING canbe tied to COVID now!!!

    WHAT BS!!!

  2. FWIW, Lionsgate isn’t a studio, no matter what they call themselves.

    It’s a small office building.

    Paramount, Sony, Fox, Universal, Warner Bros., Disney…those are studios.

    And with the strikes, there can’t be 20 people going to work at Lionsgate anyways, even counting security guards.

    So – color us all shocked – this is pure virtue signaling, and will only impact half a dozen office workers still showing up for work.

    Apparently, this was easier and/or cheaper than sending someone to fellate Emperor Poopypants and give Fauci another tongue bath.

  3. The “Benner Cycle” is predicting a mucho grande crash at the end of 2023.

  4. hell we still have idiots wearing the sheep flag from the first go around. here it was sausage and bacon. still sells out occasionally.

    • and everybody i’ve mentioned it to has replied with a great big “f” that. my wife, a nurse, goes off the deep end when it comes up, threatening armed insurrection if they try that crap again.

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