Chicago migrant money

Seems that the City of Chicago has finally released (some) of the bills used for “housing” of the migrants that have been bussed to the “Sanctuary City of Chicago”.

Over 100 million dollars so far. (now they are getting a taste of what the southern border states have had to deal with for years)

Thing is, it appears that less than HALF of that money was actually used for services….things like food, housing, sanitation, clothing, etc. the rest was “Staffing”….one could, of course, see that as a method of hiding graft. There are no details as to what the city got for it’s $55 Million dollars that was spent on “Staffing”. One might expect that , in the usual Chicago Way that the “Staffing” was overly inflated pricing for a few people actually doing some work and the rest to line the pockets of the connected folks…….

There is never a crisis in Chicago that is serious enough that Graft is not the first thought of those in power. Ever.

4 thoughts on “Chicago migrant money

  1. Gibs me some of dat walking ’round money.
    Forward, si se puede!

  2. And whatever they were supposed to get for the other $45 million was probably marked up 3x or never even delivered. The Chicago way.

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