Probably true:

So the younger guy asks the older dude:

“How is your love life as you get older?”

“Pretty good,” says the old man. “Of course, it’s always ‘Doggy style” these days.”


“Doggy style?” says the young man

“Yep,” says the old guy “She generally rolls over and pays dead”.




5 thoughts on “Probably true:

  1. Me and the wife do it kitty style.

    There is a lot of hissing, spitting and scratching involved.

  2. For years and years, the husband aske his wife to do it “doggy” style and she refused.
    After 40 years, the husband asked her “what’s the big deal, you just have to roll over”
    The wife replied “Oh, I thought you wanted to do it in the front yard….”

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