How about instead, you teach ’em not to break the law?

I understand that it is said black kids get it harder than us white folk when it comes to the law……maybe it is even true.

But to complain that “There is something wrong when a third of all black men face the prospect of prison during their lifetimes,” and that it MUST be RACISM, is bullshit.  All men face the prospect of prison. Some of us choose not to do things that will put us there….

Maybe a few white kids get a break that blacks don’t. But here is a thing: Don’t get caught stealing from a store, or  stealing a car, or carrying sale weight of drugs….or selling crack on a street corner. Try finding a real job. There are a LOT of  ‘ help wanted ” signs, even in the inner cities. Thing is, you gotta be disciplined enough to actually show up when you are supposed to and behave properly when you are at work…. do what you are told and shut up while doing it. And that can be difficult if your society, culture, and family never taught you how to do those things. And if you can’t learn to do those things, and behave a certain way, then you are, in effect, unemployable…. And it helps if your parents (if the school doesn’t) will bother to teach you to read and write and add and subtract and such….If you lack the discipline or the basic knowledge, then you are unemployable…. Leaving you on that street corner selling dime bags of crack in order to eat.

And, if you do that long enough, then you are gonna get arrested and charged and DO TIME….which makes you have a much harder time finding a decent job.

One thought on “How about instead, you teach ’em not to break the law?

  1. Here's what I've never understood about claims that too many black men are in prison – most of their victims are black as well. What Clinton, and countless other progs before her, are saying is really "there is something wrong when we're committing all this effort and money to preventing black people from being victimized by criminals."

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