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Helping a friend at a gunshow. He is a dealer, but doesn’t have a store. Gunshows only. He has 8 tables, so needs some help to keep an eye out when it gets busy.

His policy is that you have to be 21 to fondle the pistols, 18 for rifles and shotguns…since you have to be that old to purchase them. I can let a father handle a rifle and hand it to his 14 year old son, but if you are a 19 year old man,  you can’t play with the pistols or revolvers.

So I am discussing the merits of an XD vs Glock with a very nice gentleman, nice guy, mid 40’s…wife or girlfriend alongside…. first gun for both of them.

Up walk 2 young men late teens, maybe early 20’s. Pick up a SW Shield… I ask politely if they are 21.


“Then I am sorry, the owner says I can’t show you pistols unless you are of age to buy one, so you gotta be 21 to pick ’em up.”.

“It’s because I am black, ain’t it?” (they were both, in fact, black).

The dude and his lady who I had been talking to looked at the kids. Dude says “He told you why….” (Dude himself is also black). “Don’t see no Racism here”.

Kinda shut the kids down.

He chose and I sold to him the XDS in .40.  I also sold ’em on the idea of some NRA Basic Pistol Training.

I appreciated his support, but the kids kinda pissed me off.

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  1. Lockwired to the racism pose if they don't get their way… Sigh… Glad the gent stepped up!

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