What he should have done:

When the senator castigated Bill Barr for his minions “attacking peaceful protesters” he should have thrown a rock, or a water glass, or some other fairly heavy object at the Senator and asked him just how “peaceful” that was.

2 thoughts on “What he should have done:

  1. Yeah… "Peaceful protesters" marched through our town a couple of months ago. The store windows are still boarded up. NLM scheduled another "spontaneous protest" the next night. They were met by business owners sitting in front of their stores, shotguns laying across their laps; no more violence, destruction, or further "spontaneous protests." Funny, how that happens…

    Nadler says this is all a myth… Nadler is in a COMA…

  2. If only… If I were Barr, I would have gotten up and walked out.

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