On John Lewis:

When he was younger, he had a set of gonads. Really large ones.

That march across the Pettus Bridge? He knew that there was gonna be a good chance that the police would kick his ass….I mean, a serious tune-up. Hickory Shampoo. In fact, he could have been killed, and back then, the cops would have gotten away with it.

He and the folks who marched with him had some serious guts….unlike today’s “protesters” who have no real fear of the police(or of being killed or seriously injured by them) or, for the most part, the rest of the citizens in the communities that they are terrorizing.

‘Twas only later, when he got to congress, that his commitment wavered towards expediency and away from righteousness.

But he is an example of guts, or at least was. 

But I still don’t think we should rename the bridge….And Lewis didn’t think so either. 

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