I looked back, and there was but one set of tracks…

And His voice came to me:

“The minions of the State hide their numbers by walking in single file….”

So I went for a walk on the beach…(Yes, ladies, I really DO like Long Walks on the Beach).

It was a beautiful day, and while this is not my favorite portion of the beach on Lake Michigan, it is the only one where there IS a beach at this time (Lake Michigan is a near record high levels, so lots of beaches are only feet wide, rather than tens of yards)….And so I walked along the beach for about 4 miles, then turned back. MC was with me, and, as I said, the day was about as nice as one could ask for…low 80’s, just enough breeze to be comfortable, sunny and bright.

We did our walk out, turned and walked back. Now, parking at the Federal Park for this beach is about a half mile from the actual beach, we were walking back to the car and we were passing a young mother with three kids…one about 6 years old, one about 5 and one about 3 years.

As we passed, the middle child reminded her “6 Feet social distance, Mommy”.

I must say I was taken aback that the kids, who have not been in school for the past 120 or so days, have been conditioned so strongly already, with -out the aid of school to help program their thinking.

The Mom was embarrassed, and looked at us (from a safe distance, of course) and said “I just hope that when this is over they can forget all this”…

Think about it, these kids have been programmed to already keep their distance, likely only through TV and computer games….And it is strong enough to get them to “remind” adults.


3 thoughts on “I looked back, and there was but one set of tracks…

  1. Soon enough they'll be "snitching" on the adults. Seig H… never mind…

  2. I was talking to my brother this morning, and I told him that this country is already lost to us. And it is due to this very fact, the children are being conditioned, and have been conditioned, to think what the assholes say for them to think. I don't think we can undo the last 75 to 100 years of what education has done to our country.

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