by now the excuse is worn

Have ya noticed that many firms are still using ‘The Coronavirus” as an excuse for their shitty service?

While I was willing to give allowances for shitty service at the beginning of this debacle, it has been in excess of 90 days.

Plenty of time to adapt and overcome any obstacles that “Da Covid” might have put in the way of you firm being able to provide a decent level of service.

I am now simply assuming that they simply don’t wish to provide proper service, be it telephone support or in person.

3 thoughts on “by now the excuse is worn

  1. Our repair business is about double what it was this time last year. Many of our vendors are short-staffed due to distancing requirements and chinese steel supply shortages, shipping is averaging a day slower to get those same parts here.

    So our parts are in short supply with increased lead times, and freight is delayed.

    Things are getting backed up farther and not catching up.

  2. Yeah; and Amazon Prime's "guaranteed next day delivery" was one of the first "victims…"

  3. Yeah, BC, I might buy that.

    But things like telephone service, especially since lots of folks are now working from home, have no excuse. I mean, one can work with a laptop and an internet connection and do telephone based service.

    There's no excuse if there are not supply chain issues.

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