‘Tis interestin’

The media (perhaps to increase the panic over Coronavirus) is focusing on the number of cases of coronavirus…which is rising. (how much is from increased testing though, vs actual increased number of cases that were previously unreported because they were untested….) But the number of deaths, while slightly higher than at the end of the 2 week 90 day lockdown, is nowhere near the percentage  vs cases that were experienced in the early days….(Again, perhaps simply because of increased testing).

Were one to only get one’s data from the media, one might think that the Coronavirus is running rampant through the population…which it isn’t. One might think that deaths were rising exponentially…which they aren’t.

The reporters continuously tell us that the hospital intensive care rooms are at risk of being overwhelmed….which, according to the media, is a risk that has been present since March….They tell us that those portions of the hospitals are at 85% capacity…which is true….The Intensive Care portions of hospitals are nearly ALWAYS at a similar percentage….If not, the hospitals lose money…(Yes, some elective surgeries that might have put patients there to recover are being deferred, but still, this is misleading reporting).
It appears to me that there is a concerted attempt to, if not lie to the public, at least mislead us as to how severe this “crisis” is.

Fuck it, I’m studying for my Instrument checkride, and, if it doesn’t rain, I’m gonna go clear my mind by turning money into smoke and noise doing some precision paper punching.

4 thoughts on “‘Tis interestin’

  1. The media, the media, the media…

    …Screw the media… I look out my own front door for the real news. Are people getting Kung Flu here? Yes. Are they dying from it? One or two I know have, but they were in bad shape already. The few others I know range from having a bad cold to being asymptomatic, but testing positive; hardly the thing to sea one's self in the bomb shelter, or, for that matter, lock down society.

    Is Kung Flu real? Yes. As is its convenient election year exploitation…

  2. Most hospitals operate their ICUs at 90-95% occupancy. ICU docs/nurses are some of the highest paid in a hospital.

  3. Had the crud back in March. It wasn't fun, but I've had considerably worse flu. It's a bug, and potentially dealy to those already in a compromised condition, but not the "End of Times" shit they would have us believe. Funny too, how things have rolled in almost militaristic succession from Mueller to Ukraine, to Impeachment, to Coronavirus, and right into Antifa/BLM riots isn't it? Almost like it has all been orchestrated. Now they're obviously cooking the books on the "2nd wave", like they're going to try to milk the hysteria out to November. I gotta think they've got at least one more rock in their pocket, as well. Be awful righteous if all of a sudden Durham and the other US Attorneys working on the ObamaGate shit started empaneling Grand Juries, and rolling out indictments, now wouldn't it?

  4. Critical thinking is a rare thing. They know it and are counting on it.

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