They’ll stop at nothing to pay for their schemes…

Seems that several prominent Democrats have suggested a “Transaction Tax“.

hey, it’s only 1%!

One percent more of your hard earned paycheck. One percent of your retirement EVERY TIME you move money from one mutual fund to another…..One percent every time you pay a home loan payment, or a credit card payment… percent every time you buy a car, or make a car payment. 

On top of the rest of the crushing taxes we already pay…..and the more crushing taxes that take place on Jan. 1, 2011 to begin to pay the Obamacare bill forward….

The real way to a “Debt free America” doesn’t include increased spending, and increased taxes, but rather the opposite….Unless you area a socialist democrat….

Expect to see this at the next lame duck session of congress. At that point, they will have NOTHING TO LOSE.