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Via INSTY, comes the rerun of the REAL STORY of Katrina.

The truths are manyfold. The fact is that the Liberal DNC backed governmnent failed on nearly every level in New Orleans. The fact is that the National Guard, and the Coast Guard, and the rest of the military backed first responders did a wonderful job. The fact is that the union backed locals failed miserably, at least until shored up by the National Guard. The fact is that the DNC backed mayor had less ability than Democratness (and blackness), and couldn’t govern OR LEAD the people who elected him….Same story for the governor, who failed her state miserably.

The fact is that the story as represented by the media was at best poorly and incompetently reported, and at worst a well executed and well planned LIE to the American people for political purposes.

The fact is that the first reponders did a wonderful job, and that FEMA, which is not supposed to be a first responder, was castigated for not being there early enough, and for not doing enough. But the fact is that all of the story of Katrina was a lie.

Let us not forget, the non DNC run states, like Mississippi, recovered faster, even though they had more damage, did a better job of taking care of their citizens, and didn’t have a significant percentage of their populations who couldn’t take care of themselves or plan more than 4 hours in advance.