Margin of cheat

How much is too much?

Is 1,286.6% too much?

Look: I am sure that this didn’t happen everywhere. But really, how many precincts does this sort of thing have to happen in to greatly change the political makeup in our country ? How many states did this happen in, how many precincts? How much DID it change the electoral votes?   How much is too much?

Perhaps we DO need the UN Inspectors..

Why not criminal investigations and CHARGES for anyone caught in such a scheme?Perhaps mandatory hard prison time for anyone caught and convicted of vote fraud…Like 10 years.

We gotta get a handle on this shit..and very soon. If we cannot depend on the election results to represent the true wishes of the citizens of this country, then we are just another “banana republic”, albeit a larger than average one….(see also Argentina).

The other choice is the battle of Athens writ very large. And bloody. I’m not advocating that yet but I wonder if it would not be a better alternative than the theft of the country? Would the damage an armed citizen’s revolt do be more than what is currently being done slowly?

1 thought on “Margin of cheat

  1. In order to have a Battle of Athens, you'd have to have a majority being cheated. I don't think the precincts where most of this occurred had enough of the other side to do anything about it. Not that a determined minority couldn't make a difference. I don't think an outcome like Athens would be the result today though.

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