The Big Lie

 I’m coming to believe that the Media and the DNC (But I repeat myself) are using the tactic of the Big Lie.

Say something outrageous, say it loudly, and say it often. 

Such is the statement about Trump and the Capitol….and they keep adding in the fear of the “Right Wing Extremists”. (and the “Deadly Attack on Congress by Right Wing Extremists”!).

All the special code words, repeated often, and, oddly, exactly the same way by all the Media.

Funny how that works. 

4 thoughts on “The Big Lie

  1. I think most is just laziness.

    While there is, 100%, coordination between reporters, editors and other staff of disparate news outlets via private venues like discussion lists (email), FB groups, and similar, if you look at the text of most of the reports, they’re almost verbatim.

    reporters are taking sourced news from their “partners” and posting it or “parroting”. This gives the illusion of credibility “look, 45 different news outlets all covered this story!” Sure, but they all copied from AP.

    My best guess is about 80% of the phenomenon is parroting of an original source report, mostly without attribution or checking. Somewhere between 10-20% of the rest is coordinated efforts to spin a narrative. Think Climate-gate, or Journo-list.

  2. Sort of like the big lies of "Election fraud" and "Fake News" used so often by the right wing "news" media.


  3. Pete: Please, you side got the result it wanted…but there was never any investigation of all those errant ballots nor how they got into the system….of course, once in the system, they were counted and cannot be separated.

    Oddly, in states where there were decent checks and balances for Mail In votes, there were no anomalies….and Biden generally LOST.
    You appear to be intelligent. You know (but are willing to accept since you got the reult you wanted) that the anomalies and oddities sow doubt. Joe Biden is illegitmate and the election is (and always will be) tainted due to fraud.

  4. B, you appear to be intelligent too, but you refuse to listen to anything but the right wing media reports that just don't hold up in court.

    But here's some more facts.

    Within days of the completion of the initial count of the vote in Georgia, our SoS ordered an audit. All ballots were REVALIDATED and then recounted. They even found a net gain of about 2000 votes for Trump. Wasn't fraud. Turns out some rural counties misplaced some computer data cards. Then the state completed the recount requested by the Trump campaign. Tell me, how many times does the state of Georgia have to validate and count its ballots?

    Ballots without post marks–my wife and I, like millions of others across the country, used a drop box, hence no postmark.

    Trump, in his phone call to our SoS, complained of all the dead people who cast ballots. Turns out there were TWO! The state of Georgia is investigating both, so I guess in a way you get your investigation.

    You have chosen to believe the election is illegitimate, not because of facts, but because it fits your narrative.

    You know, I read that post you linked a while back from Slow Facts. If any of that "evidence" from Pete Navarro sticks in court, let me know. I'm not going to hold my breath as Navarro seems to be another right winger trying to stay in trump's good graces.


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