The first time I have been disappointed with Brownells:

 I ordered some scope rings (for o rifle that is lost due to a Canoe Accident) to mount a new scope…..

It took 6 days for the order to ship, dspite the items being in stock.  The folks in customer service were, for the first time ever, Not Helpful…in fact, they really didn’t seem to care. 

This is sad. I had always used Brownells because of their quick shipping and their outstanding customer service…I generally didn’t bother to shop around,, if Brownells had the item I wanted in stock, I gnereally just bought it. 

That might change next time. 

4 thoughts on “The first time I have been disappointed with Brownells:

  1. You should give them folks a break. They are no doubt overwhelmed with the current demand for Everything they do or do not have in stock. Just managing their inventory has got to be a massive undertaking. Most Arms/parts/ammo dealers are dealing with incredible demand, not just over the last year or so, but especially now, with the possibilities of extreme reguatory changes.

  2. I say be disappointed. In the past months I've ordered from multiple arms/parts dealers and the big ones, like Brownells have lots of excuses (i.e. add midway, and Dillons). Small companies like Taylor Arms, and Hoyts don't seem to have the same problem.

  3. I go with selection number one above – give em a break, the current situation must be maddening. As far as big versus small companies go, as far as I can tell the small ones are just as bad if not worse than the big ones; the only difference being the bigger companies have more plentiful headaches simply because they do more business. I have had my share of problems with big & small companies just about evenly but that's just my personal experience with them — your mileage may differ.

  4. I work in the firearms industry. Volume is running about 3-4 times normal. It has been craze for months. We have been working 50-60 hour weeks since this past summer. Everyone is tired. Cut them some slack. We all think it's going to get a lot busier before this year is over.

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