So on those days when the press of the world becomes too much, I go for a walk. 

A combination of the loss of an old friendship due to stupid stubbornness (not mine)… frustration from watching that person fall apart, combined with my inability to let the partisan politics and the exploits of Nancy Pelosi and her ilk and the possible repucussion just roll off my back, and the failure of the Republicans to do anything to reign that in, the election shennanigans, the attempt to purge all dissent via deplatforming and other supression, frustration at the obvious collusion of Big Media and Big Tech, along with a MAJOR financial setback personally all had me in a state where I found myself making a fist in circumstances where an open hand was more appropriate.  

I don’t avail myself often, but when life become pressing, I go for a long walk on the beach. Yes, the south shore of Lake Michigan. It’s where I relax, talk to the gods,….More inportantly listen for them to talk to me, let the pressures of the world fall away. Often it changes my viewpoint, allowing me to find a way to deal with things in a calm and rational manner. 

As I said, I don’t go often, lest I dilute the effect, but it is worth the trip when I do so. 7 miles along the beach, for the most part out of sight of all houses, seeing few other people. Just the sound of the wind and the waves and the sand. Calming.

For me, this is the place to relax. For others, it is other locatons. My brother uses the woods as his space, others use the desert or go out on the water. 

I spent nearly 5 hours there. ‘Twas a bit bracing at times, but one can dress for that. I returned, knees hurting (but that’s nothing new) and a bit tired, and chilled, but with a less angry outlook on life and a somewhat calmer spirit. The world may not have changed in the interim, but I had. 

I sincerely hope you have a place, a spot, wher you can find calm, and be a bit closer to your gods. 

3 thoughts on “Decompressing

  1. Yep, we all need 'that' place. Glad you found some calm amidst the storm…

  2. Walking is a great way to process.

    Sometimes life just sucks and there isn't much that can be done in the moment.

    Lake Michigan and the dunes are beautiful.

  3. Decompressing; step 1: Turn off the media… ALL of the media…

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