It occurs to me

Listening to Biden’s speech:

 That Biden’s “Rrescue Plan” would easily be paid for from the existing Covid Relief Bill if we’d just stop the Pork payments that are going to other countries….(assuming that a significant protion of that money isn’t returned to the legislators that pushed for them)…

I mean, 300 million dollars we don’t have to send to Paksian (Or Pahkeestahn)  or China  or other countries gender studies programs, etc…..

All of his dreams could easily be paid for if we’d just cut off foreign aid. 

And if they are gonna extend the moratorium on evictions, then they gotta find a way to bail out landlords. 

Open restaurants? Odd how suddenly that is a good idea. ain’t it? 

Helping Small Businiesses? What a great idea If only Nancy Pelosi hadn’t kept that from happening last year…..

Aaaand of course, increasing the Minimum Wage will somehow help the Small businesses

America First? American Jobs? Where were you the last 4 years? 

And yes, “Fair Share”. I knew it was coming.