FBI raids across the country

 For those who entered and (allegedly) damaged the offices in the Capitol….And most raids are, of course, accompanied by the Media crews swo they can show them as a warning to any others who would dare frighten the Legislative Branch….

Now, If they are guilty, then they deserve punsihment for any damage they did. The raids (some using SWAT teams) are mostly for misdemeanor tresspassing though, so the raids and the “Perp Walk” would seem to be somewhat overblown. 

If only the FBI had bothered to look as hard and find all those folks last summer who invaded property, looted stores, burned buildings, destroyed Federal property, damaged police stations, and defaced statues and other monuments….But I guess that they don’t go after people who participate in Approved Protests….at least those approved by the people in charge of the State. 

One thought on “FBI raids across the country

  1. FBI ? ? ? I thought that the Female Body Inspectors were still in hidin' with Biden. They have been on vacation or Missing In Action for the past four years. Chickensh#t MF'ers !

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