They must really think you are stupid….

That anyone with two neuons to rub together would see this as anything more than a partisan excuse to punish Donald Trump.

“National Security”…really? That is one of your reasons? C’mon now, even all but your most rabid followers won’t buy that one. 

That he fomented Treason? Really? I’ve read the transcript and listened to his words while watching the Youtube of his speech and nowhere did he suggest or encourage the actions that later followed at the Capitol. There is no statement made, nor series of statments, that in any way could be construed as suggesting, ordering, or otherwise ordering the attacks. No amount of twisting, “interperteting” or anything but delusion can come up with anything else….and if you folks are that delusional, then you should not be holding the reigns of power that you currently do…you should be impeached for incompetency yourselves. I suppose those folks that never bother to investigate what the truth is, and instead just believe what they are told will beleive what you say, but lots of folks, on both sides are more intelligent than that. 

You can’t just point at someone and cry “unclean!” and have it be true. The fact that you got enough party members to follow your lead in this is frightening….that you have that mush sway over them. 

Do you really expect anyone to believe that you have valid reasons? I suppose some of your mor rabid supporters will repeat (and believe) the memes you have spouted..,But you are beyond believable at this point…Those of your supporters with the ability to think have to be wondering about your ability to lead with logic rather than hate….