One could ask if THEY did it…

 I mean, the folks who reported it, rather than some other third party.

It wouldn’t be the first time a Liberal has done something so they could then point to it and cry and emote and pontificate about it. Especially suspicious in this time of Group Hate by Liberals. 

Manatee found with “Trump” “carved” into it’s back. 

Now, lets look at some facts:

The word wasn’t “Carved” into the back of the mantee, but rather the alge was smeared. The animal, as pictured, is speeing and not in distress. It obviously held still for the action, so it wasn’t hurt during the process. 

Ever see a Manatee up close? They are very gentle creatures that don’t mind humans. I’ve swum alongside them, and they are VERY large. There is no way a group of divers could hold one still long enough to take such an action if the animal objected…so it obviously didn’t. 

And we have the big question….Who did it? (Hint, probably not the other manatees, for starters). Was it in fact, a Trump supporter? Or was it the folks who “found” said manatee and took pictures? It is suspicious that they found the one manatee in Florida who was a Trump supporter just at the right time where they had an underwater camera handy, innit? More likely that this was a set up. and a lie….But that is where a lot of Liberal outrage comes from, ain’t it? 

Having said that, I do have a suggestion: Don’t touch the Manatees at all no matter who you are. It is illegal and probably not good for them.