Where are the marchers?


 And, of course, the riots,
the looting, the arson, and all the other usual forms of “mourning” and “protest” when an
unarmed person is shot by police…..

I mean, she was unarmed. and
while she may have been breaking the law by being in the Capitol uninvited
(maybe trespassing) and might have been trying to get past a locked door, what
of it? Most of the folks that were killed by cops that resulted in rioting in
2019 were not choirboys either….

Oh, it is only minorities that
get riots when they are killed while unarmed by police……Wait, she was
female, so that is a minority and a group with special privileges, just like
Black people, right? Or is it only SOME unarmed minorities that earn riots,
burning and looting in remembrance when they are killed by police while unarmed
in a minor crime…..

Or is it that she was not a privileged
person because she was not of the correct political party? Or perhaps because
she was white…..

I dunno. But it is odd, isn’t
it? A person was killed, shot by a police officer, while unarmed, and yet the
Left isn’t calling for riots, burning, looting, or other “Mostly
Peaceful” protests… They aren’t organizing marches, nor are they
delivering pallets of bricks to the street corners in preparation for those
marches….There is no incitement of violence on Facebook or Twitter either…

I wonder why?

I am talking, of course, about
Ashli Babbitt….the woman shot while in the Capitol… on January 6th. 

We are told, time and time
again, that people who are unarmed are not a threat, so there is never a reason
for the police to restrain them. or use deadly force….at least when they are
of African descent….Which she wasn’t. 

The fact that there have been
no protests by the Left over her death is a demonstration of the hypocrisy of
the Left. Only some people are innocent enough to garner
protest or demonstrations, and only in the years leading up to an election,
apparently. One must be of the right melanin content, and must be of the
correct political party or you aren’t worth the time or effort to organize
riot demonstration. 

Or perhaps they simply can’t use her as a tool to further their agenda. 

5 thoughts on “Where are the marchers?

  1. "BLM" repeatedly says they were "peaceful protesters," and that "outside actors" infiltrated their ranks. The MSM greedily lapped up that verbal vomit and broadcast it out for the world to hear. Truth is, and history bears this out, it takes NOTHING for these people to riot, loot, burn, and kill. They don't need outside help. They ARE the outside help! The Watts riots, the L.A. riots… Where was Antifa then? Oh yeah; it wasn't around. The only common denominators, both then and now; certain people, burning neighborhoods, and dead people in the streets, assaulted because they were in the wrong place and were the wrong color.
    Somehow though, I'M the racist… simply because I'm a certain color…

    The Capitol Hill "marauders;" no one stops to ask themselves "When was the last time this group of people, this "demographic," staged a violent protest of ANY kind ANYWHERE?" The Viet Nam protests, maybe? And that's stretching it. Most of those were marches and sit-ins. But again, no one dares say something like "Damn; those people are really pissed. Maybe we should give them a listen." Instead, the media immediately blame Trump, call the protesters E-E-E-V-I-I-I-L, swear the Antifa had nothing to do with the event, and look to find SOMETHING; SOME kind of damage at the Capitol to show on the six-o'clock news. They find a few broken windows, and papers thrown all over the place, and air that three slide montage endlessly, lacking anything else. If "BLM" had done the "marauding," the Capitol would have been set on fire, but not before anything "white" was destroyed within. That "infamous" scene where the protesters were moving through the rotunda shouting "USA! USA!" Did ANYONE notice that these people were filing through there like they were being let into a movie theater? Did anyone say ANYTHING about the fact that most of these people DIDN'T EVEN STEP OUTSIDE OF THE VELVET ROPES??? Hell, no. That wouldn't have fit the "marauder" narrative!

    I also find it interesting, the almost universal use by the MSM and the Congresscritters of the word "marauder." When was the last time you heard that word used in a sentence, aside from, maybe, in a pirate movie? And yet, there it was, being used left and right by the Left and Right… "OK, folks; everyone got your cue cards?" …Just sayin'…

  2. Hey B, does the large print of your post mean sarcasm? If not, this post blows right by false equivalency.

    Ms. Babbitt may have been unarmed, but she was hanging out with a bunch of people that had bats, pipes and other such weapons. She was specifically with a group that was trying to break down a locked and barricaded door with armed police on the other side.

    You know what she wasn't doing?

    She wasn't out for a jog and then shot (Ahmaud Arbery).
    She wasn't startled out of sleep by a no-knock police raid and then shot (Breonna Taylor).
    She wasn't walking home from a convenience store with groceries and then choked out by police (Elijah McClain).
    She wasn't trying to pass a counterfeit $20 at a convenience store only to be choked out later (George Floyd).
    She wasn't in her car doing exactly what the police officer asked only to be shot (Philando Castile).

    I feel bad for Ms. Babbitt's family and friends, but as for her, play stupid games, win stupid prizes. And they generally don't do marches for those people.


  3. And Peteforester, you know why they don't mention all the folks who "didn't even step outside the velvet ropes?"

    Because those people stormed a barricade, rushed a police line and busted out windows and busted down doors. Some of those people beat a policeman so bad, he later died.

    And if BLM had staged this, there would have been a whole more law enforcement along with soldiers, and the shooting would have started as soon as they tried to cross the barricades.


  4. I keep waitng for AOC and her squad to call for defunding of the capitol hill police. So far crickets. Not unexpected.

  5. The cowardly murderer of Ashley Babbitt should be hung. A woman climbing through a door window….not a target for a gun. A solid slap would have had her on the floor on the side she came from….alive. And the next person very unwilling to also collect a waffle. Damn murderer.

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