Childish actions

 The people attempting to impeach Donald Trump (again) is fits of pique simply to tarnish him on his way out, whatever their excuse, are pathetic. Their excuse is weak, and their motivation clear.  

But now we have yet another demonstration of these folks unsuitability to lead:

Chicago alderman wants Trump sign down, demands sign permit not be renewed 

The paroxysm of hate as these childish people attemt to smear Trump on his way out is, in my opinion, a demostration of their unsuitability to govern. They don’t expect to actually IMPEACH him, just to smear his name in a symbolic way. The fact that people are piling on to make up for slights is saddening. This is like a bunch of 4 year old girls picking on one of their number in a classroom. Childish and classless action show character. Especily when they are vindictive as well,

It is said that one measure of a man is the enemies he makes….The quality of Donald Trump’s enemies speaks highly of him.