Odd: I was told it was all white males

And CBS and NBC are claiming that that the entire “Capitol Insurrection” was planned by and perpetrated by White Supremacist Males…..

 Yet here we have a member of the Latin Kings gang that is charged with entering the Capitol and other crimes.

He doesn’t look like the quintessential White Male Trump Supporter nazi to me….

He must be one of those “Mesican Nazis”. Or one of those “White Hispanics”

The propaganda spin coninues. 

One thought on “Odd: I was told it was all white males

  1. But a Trump supporter none the less.

    "Prosecutors cited photographic evidence of Kelly, an avid Trump supporter, in the U.S. Capitol building and self-created video evidence of Kelly admitting to D.C. travel."

    Again, I highlight, "Kelly, an AVID TRUMP SUPPORTER . . ."

    As I recall, Trump did surprisingly well with Hispanic voters in the recent election.


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