Cut Wayne Off

 Get rid of his perks, like clothing, and travel allowances, cut his pay, cut his staff, cut his free jet travel, get rid of all the rest of his freebies…Treat Wayne La Pierre like a regular person and stop the looting of the organization.  Make him pay for his own clothing and travcl and housing. 

Lets get rid of his cronies who overcharge the organization: Outlandish fees for services their corporations charge for services. 

Let us start with a new board, and see that the organization is streamlined and leaner. 

Then, perhaps the NRA would not have to file for bankruptcy despite the incredible income stream from donations and NRA branded products and services. 

And then they could spend more on actually fighting the anti-Gun folks. 


One thought on “Cut Wayne Off

  1. Amen to that, brother. Wayne the Stain and his cronies have run the organization into the ground. They've been treating the coffers as a personal piggy bank for years. I dropped out a while back and have no intention to rejoin until a complete purge takes place. The NRA needs to be modeled after an organization such as the Salvation Army where the leadership works for the cause rather than for pay and perqs…………

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