Free automatic weapons

At the Nappanee gunshow…

So, since the restaurant next door has all you can eat bacon for $8.95, we went.

Sadly, the Free Automatics were already gone…or it may have been a rumor put out by the Brady folks.

We did meet up with Og and entourage at the restaurant, and had an excellent breakfast while we discussed the shape of the world and how things were going and such….

Either way, after a large(ish) (>12,000?) number of bacon laden calories covered with a significant amount of potatoes and eggs covered with heaps of cholesterol laden (real sausage) gravy, (I  stopped after 4 trips to the buffet, when I couldn’t swallow any more and by them people were staring anyway) we entered the gunshow.

Sadly, there were very few bargains (unless you wanted shotgun barrels).

I had taken the 788 with me looking for a scope that would fit the look-though rings, but could not find anyone who had the same idea of the value of used scopes vs (nearly worthless) FRN’s. So I didn’t purchase a scope. I did get a great deal on some 45-70 bullets ($60/1000– 405 grain hard cast flat point) and some ammo cases. I am told by people who know more than I that the prices on the more collectible firearms weren’t great.

I was saddened that we missed out on the free automatic weapons giveaway, but it was an entertaining Saturday morning. If you like used firearms, and collectible rifles and pistols, you should check out the Nappanee Indiana gunshow, held spring and fall only.

4 thoughts on “Free automatic weapons

  1. Glad y'all had fun, and how bad were the ammo prices? Down here they've damn near doubled!

  2. I just barely missed the free automatics at the machine gun shoot as well. Dang, maybe next show. Hope to try that restaurant one day. The amish don't skimp on the food. I am going to try to hit the gun show in Louisville tomorrow. Don't need anything, but it is always nice to look. Have a good weekend

  3. Yeah, ammo has doubled here too. We knew that that was gonna happen, and stocked up accordingly. We can't quite go until next year without buying any, but close.

  4. The Mexican drug cartels and the gang bangers probably beat you to the supply of free automatic weapons.

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