New shooter

So one of the flight instructors from back when I got my Private Pilots license called me…..He’d like to try shooting, could I help?


We spent an hour doing a familiarizaition and safety briefing.

Then a .22 pistol…. First a Woodsman, then a Buckmark with a Red Dot. Then some other calibers. He liked the Shield in 9MM, LOVED the Tracker in .357, Then REALLY like the 1911 in .45ACP.

That New Shooter Smile.


Remember all that Ice I showed you from the plane?

Folks in Chicago are WALKING on it…..which is asking for death, ’cause it varies in thickness from feet to inches (or less)… it is often not clear hard ice, but more like sorta compacted snow.  And you can’t tell if it’s gonna hold your weight until you stand on it, after which it is generally too late.

Darwin at work here, folks. I know of several times in my lifetime that people have died from falling through the ice over Lake Michigan. Pretty stupid behavior. Rescue crews should not put their lives in danger doing any sort of rescue or recovery of people stupid enough to do this.



Of course they did

Family of boy who died during Texas winter storm sues ERCOT and Entergy for $100 million

Always someone else’s fault, innit?

And that someone ususally has Deep Pockets.

He was sleeping with his 3 year old brother when he passed, BTW:

“Pavon’s mother, Maria Elisa Pineda Guzman, said the family had been sleeping in one room to keep warm. “He fell asleep. He had a shirt, a sweater, two pairs of pants, socks on,” Pavon’s aunt, Jaliza Yera, told K’HOU. His stepfather checked on him later that evening and put another blanket over him.”.

No way it got cold enough for him to die of hypothermia….not dressed like that and covered in several blankets with another sibling in bed with him.

I’m thinking they simply see this as a payday.

I’m suprised his death hasn’t been attributed to covid though….

Ice, ice Baby

Lake Michigan Ice, that is….

So Saturday, the day dawned bright and clear…..the ceiling was 25000 feet, with a bit of haze and the winds were calm.

Since  (due to weather) I hadn’t flown since Feb 1st, and since flying, like shooting, is a perishable skill, I turned on the engine heater via the internet, drove to the airport, opened the hangar doors, preflighted, and listened to the ASOS….started the plane and taxiied to the runway. Did 3 touch and goes, then departed to the west. I left the pattern, turned north and flew to Lake Michigan. There, I turned east and flew along the lakeshore. I asked South Bend Approach for Flight following as the lakeshore is often full of planes doing sightseeing (as I was)….The shoreline was covered with ice, out to about 1 mile. Last year there was no ice….which led to a great deal of erosion along the lakeshore.

Here you can see the shoreline off of Michigan CIty, facing east into Michigan, The NIPSCO coal fired power plant is towards the bottom of the photo right by the harbor entrance. Ice all along the lakeshore, out to about a mile or more.

I flew back along the lakeshore to the west, and went to the state line, turned and went back east past Gary (KGYY). Here is the view towards Chicago from (approximately) the Indiana/Illinois state line.  You can’t see the skyline in the photo, but it was there to the naked eye, if somewhat indistinct. You can see the ice cover on the lake though…

I returned to my airport and did a Short Field landing for practice.

Overall, 4 landings and 1.6 hours of flying.

I had originally planned to go see Eaton Rapids Joe for lunch on Sunday, but the weather chose to make that a bad idea due to icing, so we cancelled. (My next plane will have some ice protection…the 182 has none). I have experienced icing in the 182 once…..I now avoid it as much as I can. We had icing in Northwest Indiana from 2 pm onward, so that was a good decision…..But I was saddened that I had to cancel lunch with Joe. Next time, I guess. It was the right decision, as I could have flown there in good weather, but coming back, well, that might be interesting. …..We had ice at 3 PM, and overcast by 5. Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor and all that. Soon it will be warm enough that icing will be a non-issue, but right now, I gotta respect the fact that it can kill me.







EIther they are incompetent (my vote) or they are just messing with us…..

So now the CDC is suggesting wearing pantyhose or other mesh over your double mask to make sure that your mask actually fits tightly to your face…

Proving those of us who said that the mask, be it N-95 or cloth, is useless because they simply don’t fit well enough to do what the CDC purported them to do…filter spittle nad other droplets.

SImply astounding the levels of idiocy and incompetence at the CDC…

Or, it could be that they are simply fucking with us to see what they can get us to do…..

So the city folks in Texas and Oklahoma

and, apparently, some other states in the center part of the country are getting a hint of what it is like for more rural folks.

We plan for power outages. They are,  if not expected, at least likely during winter storms (or summer storms). we are generally the first to lose power and the last to get it back….City folks? Yeah, they generally live life expecting that if there is an issue with power, or water, or any other service, a couple of guys with a truck will come and fix it in an hour or so.

Therefore we that live in a more rural area, where this is often not the case, either have alternative sources of electrical power, or alternative forms of heat (or both).

I have a small genset for outages lasting only hours. I have the BIG genset for outages lasting days….’Cause if I need the well, then I need a bigger generator, but that burns LOTS of fuel. so I prefer not to fire it up unless I need the well….and with a bit of planning, I can run everything else without the big genset….I use wood as my primary source of heat, with the natural gas furnace as a backup….both need electricity for the blower, but the woodstove will keep the house warm even without it, albeit at a loss in efficiency..

Lots of folks have whole house generators for this reason…..

Very few use electricity as the primary source of heat though…most use Dead Dinosaurs (or other forms of carbon) as their means of heat and use the electricity to run the fan.

Perhaps this might make the city folks have a better understanding of what Rural folks have to deal with (likely not though…they will forget in a month or two) and be less open to the upcoming envronmental/Glowbal Warming/Climate Change initiatives….

I have a cousin in the greater Dallas Metro area who has found this whole debacle an enlightening experience……Being as she lives in an All Electric house…..