Derision doesn’t convince:

Ever notice that Pro Covid Vaccine Treatment advocates  don’t really come up with logical reasons to take vaccines when trying to convince others to get the shot?

They don’t try to convince people to get the shot with logic….nor do they use facts to refute the (valid) arguments against getting the shot…instead they deride and insult.

One might think they have no real argument…at least that has always been my observation when people can’t do anything but insult and ridicule.  Seldom, if ever, do they have a cogent argument based on fact when that is their tactic.

But that is generally a liberal tactic when faced with facts they don’t like, innit?

DOJ admits there was no “Sedition”

Seems that despite the hype and hysteria and hyperbole, there was no Sedition on Jan 6, 2021.

And the DOJ h as admitted that fact.

They have tried and tried, and they can’t find anyone that they can get the Sedition charge to stick to…all they really have is a bunch of scared legislators demanding action against a bunch of pissed off people who assumed that “Peaceful Protest” was ok based on the lack of prosecutions of people the previous summer…even those protests where groups broke into other Federal offices.



I mean, we’d have Kamala as President…..Kneepads and all.

I expected that this would have happened about two months hat, but I do expect that it will happen that Joe’s cognitive issues will show up more and more….for sure it will become an issue by the end of 2021.

Perhaps even this is the reason for the renewed Covid panic mongering.


So what is the goal?

The Covid infections are rising…..or so they say. Most government (State, Local and Federal) are NOT giving us data, just percentages now….Which makes me suspicious.

A “200 percent rise” in cases might mean from 2 to 4, or 100 to 200, but without any numerical data one cannot ell if that rise is serious or not….and theya ren’t giving us the data. The media makes it sound scary, but, again, no hard data.

I am suspicious, truly. The TV news implies that this is a greater danger and that the hospitals are more full than the way thins were a year ago….which is pretty hard to believe.

Plus, there is this…(not that it is news, the news is that they are now more or less admitting it)….anyone who bothered to try and learn knew that the testing was pretty much a useless thing the way they were using the test and the number of cycles they were running….But those of us who said so a year ago  were shouted down.

So what is the goal of this new propaganda campaign ?

So what is the shelf life of Heroes?

I mean, since we, as a society find it acceptable to desecrate the statues of heroes and/or prominent figures from our past, what is an acceptable time frame? How long should they be honored before we then find it acceptable to damage/destroy/pull down or remove statues of people from our past because they are currently in disfavor ? 50 years? 100 Years? 75 years? What is the time frame?

I ask this because, since the Mob finds it acceptable and desirable to remove and destroy statues of historical figures, like civil war generals, past presidents and even Christopher Columbus in a paroxysm of hate, how long until THEIR revered statues can be removed and pulled down? I mean, it has been more or less 50 years since Martin Luther King Jr was killed….is that enough time for it to be acceptable for us to attack his statues with sledgehammers and tow ropes and pull them down from their pedestals and plinths and break them into pieces? DO we have to wait a certain amount of time for their heroes or revered figures to become non-PC enough for destruction of their monuments?

Asking for a friend and all that.

You can blame Liberal policies for this murder….

So two “teens” try to hijack a 75 year old Vietnam veteran…(South Side of Chicago, no surprise there….)

He resists, so they beat him so bad that he died. People on the scene who witnessed the crime pointed police to the perpetrators….(gave names and where they live, according to sources).

But here is the thing….these young “Teens” were, and have been criminals for a long time….Our 18 year old was on probation for carjacking already….and that wasn’t his first encounter with the Chicago Police….and the 17 year old was no better.

And now an elderly man is dead because he and his 17 year old “Juvenile” accomplice were on the street despite multiple previous crimes. Liberal policies designed to decrease the number of young black men in jail.

And one wonders why THIS 17 year old is a “Juvenile” when lots and lots of 15 year olds are charged as “adults” for similar or lesser crimes.

Do you know?

That the TSA is racially profiling black people?


I mean, one has to show an ID(and a boarding pass)  to enter the “Secure Area” of an airport.

And we know (Because the Democrat Party tells us) that Black people have a hard time getting an ID (Remember, the DNC tells us that requiring an ID is racist and a method of preventing black people from voting) and therefore it is racist of the TSA to require and ID….Must be that the TSA doesn’t want those black people to travel.

Yeah, I know, all of the above sounds stupid. But then again, so does the claim that preventing Voter Fraud by requiring an ID is racist.

Ever notice that only black people are disadvantaged by the ID requirements? That hispanics, asians, and other minorities are somehow able to acquire an ID? Funny that, innit? One might think that the DNC types believe that Black People are less intelligent or otherwise handicapped or simply lesser beings that the rest of the humans……Unlike the rest of us, who think that they are equal.