Gonna happen again….and end badly

Seems that some (reportedly BLM) protesters were marching down a Louisville steet and decided to hassle and threaten some folks who were just eating at a restaurant.The protesters were reportedly armed.

One patron of the restaurant pullled his piece and there was a standoff…luckily, no shots were fired.

Apparently, people have had enough…at least some people have…

Protesters who think they can hassle and threaten people with impunity take note: You can’t, at least not in places where folks can go armed. It is one thing to hassle people who are disarmed, another to do it where people can fight back…..

I fear that at some point soon, there are gonna be dead protesters and some poor sclub who defends himself or his family from an apparent threat is gonna get crucified in the press and (likely) by a prosecutor who wants to make a name for himself with the Liberal crowd.

1 in five

Seems that 20% of the folks in Kalifornia who switched from gasoline to electric vehicles have switched BACK to gasoline…..

CIted were the hassle of charging, range axiety and other charging related issues.

Oddly, we don’t hear about those issues when people tout electric cars…


One wonders how many other people would change back, except that they ahve so much money tied into ther Teslas or other vehicles…and somply can’t affor to change, or already HAVE another vehicle to drive daily and simply don’t use their “Green” vehicle except to impress others.


45 shot

In Chicago, in one weekend. 5 dead. some are KIDS…shot while walking down the street.

Possibly another 3 will die. (the hospitals in Chicago are great Trauma training, and may be the best in the world for gunshot wounds but they can only do so much….)

All on the South and West sides…..so most are black.

Many of the shot are apparently random shootings….

Yet Black Lives Matter is silent….cause it ain’t cops shooting career criminals who are resisting arrest and who happen to be black…It is black people shoooting other black people. Killeing other black people.

And the BLM folks are just saying nothing….

Thought for Sunday:

So the Liberals, the Democrats, and the Mainstream Media (but I repeat myself…thrice) all are telling us that the color of one’s skin matters when interacting with Police…

I would posit that instead, it is as The Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King wished it…What matters more is the Content of one’s Character….

How one acts towards others (espeically the police)…how one acts in general (don’t be a career criminal). Character matters, I think, more than race. Lots of people of all colors and races interact with police every day. Most don’t act stupid and, oddly, survive the encounter. Some don’t behave (white and black and others) , and even then, most survive….but some don’t behave, resist, and get shot or otherwise mangled in the act of being subdued for arrest.

It comes down to, again, CHARACTER. Be a classless criminal, and one has a higher chance of getting shot. Be a jerk when pulled over and that sets the tone of the interaction….Be a criminal and have a warrant, and one is likely to be arrested. Resist when being arrested and the chance goes up again. Keep resisting, and it goes up even higher.

It is seldon a fine, upstanding, model citizen that gets shot by cops, no matter what their race.


Character matters.


Listening to a financial news show on WBBM 780 Chicago Friday around noon, the commentator actually said that Twitter’s loss of users (and subsequent loss of revenue) that affected it’s stock price was likely caused by the political censorship that the firm engaged in last year.

I was driving at the time or I’d have recorded it or written down the name of the commentator.

ETA: apprently their user totals were off by well over 20% from estimates and this affected their ad revenue…..and profits….

WIll we hear cries of “racism”?

Or perhaps “Asian Hate”?

I mean, when President Trump blocked travel at the start of the worldwide Covid outbreak, there were cries of “racism”……all from the Liberal side of our government and the Media (but i repeat myself there at the last).


Will the Media accuse Biden of Asian Hate or Racism for blocking tavel from India? (like he did when Trump banned travel in 2020)


I will bet the price of good lunch to the charity of your choice that the Media and the Liberal government folks will stay quiet this time…..

Have you ever noticed

That Liberals, like nearly all women, cannot admit that they screwed up? I’m beginning to think it is a diease of the mind. Probably caused by a bad Testosterone/Estrogen ratio….

They have to twist things to include everyone rather than just take the responsibility themselves, or call it “racism” or “Mysogeny” or somehow spread the blame for their screwups.

a question for the Liberals:

How many dollars is a “fair share” when it comes to taxes?

I mean, the “Rich” (upper 5%) pay better than 60% of tax dollars, last time I checked….


So how much, exactly, is a “fair share”?

Please, be specific.

And why is it so bad for CEO’s to make really good money for their responsibilities and abilities to run a company, but it is never mentioned thatProfessional athletes and musicians (especially Rap musicians) get paid so much for THEIR abilities…..

All of the above groups have abilities above and byond us “normal” folks. I can’t rap worth a damn, nor can I toss a football that well, nor can I run a multi billion dollar company as well as those folks….and I don’t get paid as much as any of them. Are we gonna limit the pay for professional athletes to not more than 100 times that of the average ticket buyer? Rap artists to not more than 50 times that of the average music buyer? How about we limit the advertising money paid by Nike to these athletes to not more that 75 times that of the average sneaker purchasers yearly wage?


Apparently, to bring jobs back to the United States, (Jobs like making Windmill blades and battery manufacturing and, apprently computer chips) he’s gonna either get rid of, or at least cut back on the EPA….

At least I ssume he is aware that EPA regulations are one of the major reasons that such manufacturing is done in China….


But I’m not sure exactly how much of the policy changes he was advocating he was actually aware of…..I saw an awful lot of confusion in his delivery, almost as if he was just parroting the words someone had written for him.

Either that, or he was suffering form a worse-than-usual episode of dementia…..

You pick.