Seems that most successful European countries

Are growing tired of the influx of ‘Migrants” from poorer countries as well.


Germany has had it, and has “Reached it’s limit of Migrant intake“.

And Italy has had enough of Migrants from Norther Africa… The eyetalians want a naval blockade to stop them

The italians are where the migrants stop first, and have had enough. Tired of the crime, the violence, the theft, etc as these North Africans move through the country for other parts of europe….where they will settle in enclaves and be a burden on the society where they stop…bringing yet more crime, more change in the culture and more issues. They aren’t immigrants, they are invaders, just like the folks crossing out southern border here in the US. and like crossing state lines here in the US, once they are inside the borders of an EU country, they can go anywhere in the EU they wish with no restrictions.

They bring the issues of the shithole countries from whence the came to their new homes. Problems that did not exist in the communities where they settle. There is a reason they wish to leave their homes and move to a richer area. Them.

And once people experience a taste of what they bring, those same communities want no more of them. One or two families will acclimatize and assimilate  to the community, ten or a hundred migrants will acclimatize the community to them, and generally not for the better.



Doin’ their best to hide the race

So the two kids who ran down the retired police officer in Vegas ….Deliberately…..while driving a stolen car,  are gonna be charged as adults.

Good. They are depraved individuals who should be locked up (or shot) to protect society….But the media and the authorities are hiding their faces “because they are juveniles”… would seem to me that if they are gonna be charged as adults then they should be otherwise treated as adults…including showing their faces. All we know are names, and accents from hearing their voices in the incriminating video. Why hide their faces?

But the media is doing all they can to hide their race.


I think we all know why.

Just put them somewhere else, please

I mean, we approve of all the liberal stuff, we vote liberal and all.


But we don’t want these migrants in our picturesque small town…Please send them somewhere else!

Then there’s this U-turn when reality hit a Democrat in the teeth.

“Just go somewhere else than New York”

In a Just World, the only place they send the illegal Border Crossing criminal (if they are gonna let them in the country at all and not be tossed back over the border) is Sanctuary cities and states that voted for Democrats.

That oughta work out well…

Like “smoking around the Hindenburg” well.


Illinois ends Cash Bail

(Because “no one deserves to be in jail because they don’t have the money to get bailed out”) Perhaps stop committing crimes? (And yes, People of Color AND lower economic status DO commit more crimes that other segments of society. Statistics show it, and like it or not it is the truth).

So criminals can get out of jail…..with no incentive for them to show up in court for their crimes…..

Why arrest anyone then?

What incentive is there to follow the law? Usta be that bail was a part of the deterrent…now that is gone.

I expect this socialist experiment will not end well for the citizens of Illinois. I feel sorry for the more “urban” folks.

Good luck, and remember, you voted for this shit.



Dodging thunderstorms at 17,000 ft

(finally, some flying content!)

Spicy weather.

So we went to Flying Cloud  (Eden Prairie) Minnesota (KFCM) on Saturday for a bit of an adventure and a bit of fun. The forecast was good for the flight out, and a slight (25%) chance of storms in the evening on the way back. The FAA weather briefer told me that he personally thought it was more likely that there would be enough heat energy to make some real fun afternoon thunderstorms and he was indeed correct.


Fired up the 340A at 7:20AM Central and took off. Got a weird IFR routing from ATC, 30 miles south then west and north. I had filed for JOT as a waypoint to skirt the edge of the Chicago class Bravo airspace then direct KFCM, , but they took me to the ZORRO intersection first, the direct JOT then direct. ….Strange routing  and I cannot see the reason for it, Added about 50 miles to the flight….

Still having issues with the Cylinder Head Temps, but I am learning to manage that better until I can get the cooling issue diagnosed…But other than that the plane ran flawlessly.

Anyway, the trip up was decent, a bit of a line of unsettled weather but other than some turbulence , it was a standard IFR 16,000 feet.  2 hours 17 minutes even with the routing. It was REALLY hazy when we arrived at KFCM, so I asked for, and got, the RNAV 28L approach to make finding the airport easier. They were doing visuals, but honestly I was having issues picking out the airport through the haze at all, so I did the RNAV. Nice landing, full rollout and we taxiied to the FBO.

Parked, got an Uber and away we went.

Had  a great time, But we left the venue a few (like 4) hours earlier than I had originally planned for….which made the weather be a factor that I had not anticipated when I planned the flights….We Ubered back to the FBO….filled up with fuel, checked the oil, and filed our flight plan with ATC for basically the same route back home that I had asked for going out. And got it!: Zumbro Seven departure, NODINE transition, then direct JOT and then home….

Sadly Ma Nature had different opinions about that routing… there was a line of thunderstorms that boiled up as we began our departure. We had hoped to beat them out of the area, but no dice. There were some gaps, so we chose to try……it was interesting.

We ended up flying all over the place to dodge the storms. After ODI we decided to turn south and shoot a gap by DBQ VOR ….it was either that or go north and try for a gap there (BRIBE intersection). Made the best decision I could based on the information I had on the movement of the storms….In hindsight it would have been better to go for the north route, but one makes the decision with the data one has, right? You can see the buildups in the video and some of the NexRad on Foreflight in the video: (this was 17,000 ft)




And here is some of the other imagery earlier in the flight on the Garmin 750.

(Sorry there isn’t more to see, I was kinda busy and didn’t have time to take pics or vids, but MC has some more photos on her blog)

Anyway, we went south and turned back east at DBQ. It was kinda interesting as the storm kept boiling up in front of us in what had been clear 10 minutes before. We’d see clear on the ADSB and then the onboard radar would show things forming right in front of us, then we’d actually see it boiling up in front of us. The line of storms kept herding us south, but we finally slipped the gap and turned east. Then ATC did me a solid: A reroute that kept us away from the weather!…Present position direct RFD VOR then KELSI then JOT then home….and then they gave me direct JOT just as we passed RFD….Then home.

The fun part was that about 20 miles from home, for some reason, the GPS lost all the satellites. No position, no ADSB/NexRad weather, nothing. The ATC guy was a bit confused when I asked him if my heading was ok and informed him that I had no GPS and therefore no ADSB for him…….He couldn’t believe that I was navigating the “old fashioned” way with headings and a VOR and such and that I wasn’t too worried about it (I only asked him about the vector because the winds were uncertain) but he was surprised that I was unconcerned about the loss of GPS. … Shortly thereafter we descended into the clear and I landed visually….But I am glad the GPS failure happened at the end of the flight and not while dodging the the storms. Gonna have to have that worked on as well. Not sure what happened but that is gonna get fixed real quick, or I am not gonna fly into weather. Strangely, the GPS came back just as we turned downwind at the airport.


All told, it was a fun trip. Minneapolis and back in a day, 380 miles each way (plus storm detours) in a little over 2 hours (plus the time it took to dodge storms) It is actually faster for me to fly in the 340 than to drive to a major airport, park, do the TSA shoe dance, board, fly and then get a rental car …and the cost for two people in my plane is nearly the same as commercial…. Three people puts the 340 flight a clear winner cost wise.  Plus more fun and no TSA hassles.




And they show where their loyalties lie

They cannot show respect or do anything Patriotic on the US Independence Day (July 4th) but they can be expected to get out of hand showing their support for Mexican Independence Day. ‘Cause in their hearts, they are Mexican, not American.

So much so that the City of Chicago is shutting down streets to prevent the issues that happened in the last few years during their “Celebrations” downtown.

What this tells me is that these people, deep in their hearts, are still citizens of Mexico, not citizens of the US. Their loyalties lie in Mexico, as Mexicans, not citizens of the USA as Americans…. Their culture is that of Mexico, not that of the US.

But that is what we get when we have essentially unrestricted immigration….nothing to make them earn their stay here, nothing to generate their the country where they live, that protects and nurtures them, where they earn a living protected and sheltered under a culture not their own.

These people are not citizens of the US.  Their behavior is shameful.

So they indicted Hunter

On the gun charge. Lying on a 4473 form.


But they are gonna drop the charges related to his acting as an unregistered foreign agent….those are the BIG charges. The ones that will lead to his daddy…and could realistically lead to jail time for both of them.

The ATF charge will be pled out to a fine and some other small punishment like community service or somesuch. Bet on it. This will fade quickly and he will do no jail time…and it will distract from all the other charges that will be quietly dropped by the DOJ.