It’s funny. in a not funny way, that when there is a high profile shooting, we normally see the face and recent history of the shooter within hours of the shooting. Hell, we know what his last meal was and what color socks he was wearing….Especially if it is a black or gay victim set. Or if the shooter is a Right-Wing (or even Right -Leaning) person.

Yet we have only a name this time.

Why is that? We have a name, but no photo, no (recent) history…

I would like to give kudos to the (apparently) two people in the nightclub who apparently “subdued” the shooter (read that as “gave him a beatdown”) They apparently subdued the threat instead of running. Good job there.

I can’t believe they can say that with a straight face….

CBS news just used the term “unprecedented” in reference to the 5 or so feet of snow expected in Buffalo, New York and the surrounding area. .

“Unprecedented” …Like it hasn’t happened nearly every year (and often more than once per year) during my lifetime.

And, somehow, it is the cause of “Climate Change” as well.

Do people really have no memory of what happened last year? Or the year before? Can they not remember back over their own lifetimes? I mean, a 4 year old might not have any history to remember, but any teenager should know better, much less an adult.

Hell, this snowfall in Buffalo isn’t even gonna be a record. Not even close.


Sometimes I ain’t stupid

And sometimes that surprises me….

So last night, I woke up clean, wide awake, at 3 AM wondering if I had drained the water out of the ’27 Chrysler 4 door have in unheated storage…

I mean, so far we have just barely dipped below freezing, not enough to worry about the water in the radiator breaking it or the block.

But tonight it is supposed to get cold enough that that can be a concern.

So I made a trip out there and opened the drain valve and guess what?

Antifreeze came out. Huh. I must have been smart enough to put something besides water in the cooling system before putting it away…..




Oh, by the way, if anyone needs (or knows anyone who might be interested) in a decent restoration project, I am selling the car….I bought it so my Dad and I and my brother could work on it, but Dad is not really interested any longer. It runs and drives solid body and frame and has nearly all the parts. missing a few window cranks and such, but all the car is there, lights, all the hard to find stuff, etc. It would be an easy restoration project if someone wanted to put in the time.

How nice of him to share….

I mean, I could use the money and all that…..


So I got this text:

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Yeah, gonna jump right on that.

He told the truth

Have ya noticed how quickly the Paul Pelosi story faded? How the police videos were locked down and confidential???How the 9-11 tapes were classified?

I mean, the story had more holes in it that the love child of swiss cheese and a fishnet.

And now one of the victims is a guy who was, apparently committing real journalism has been “suspended” for bringing some of those details to light:

NBC SUSPENDS correspondent after network was forced to retract exclusive report on how Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul, 82, calmly opened door to cops – and then walked TOWARDS ‘hammer intruder’ who bludgeoned him

Funny how that works, innit?

Have ya noticed that

The screaming and crying and moaning about Monkeypox has all but disappeared? The “News” stories have dried up?

I think it is ’cause people realized that it was pretty much only a diseases that gay men encountered and spread amongst themselves and normal, heterosexual people, despite the hype, had nothing to fear….And that all the Gay men had to do was either get the vaccination (which is, apparently a “Real” Vaccine and not MRNA) or simply refrain from unprotected and promiscuous sex.

The Media simply gave up on the hype once the realized that people simply didn’t care about a disease that it is easy to prevent  and avoid with simple lifestyle changes and precautions…and that hetero folks were unlikely to get the disease.

Oddities in vote counting

Just a “glitch“.

Why is it that the errors ALWAYS favor the Democratic candidate? Why is it that all the big upsets, the big surprises in winner in close races, always end up in favor of the Democrats. One would think the errors (if they are errors) would fall more or less on both sides….


Yeah, I know, Nothing to See Here….Move Along.


But But But….border walls dont work!!!

Or so the DNC folks have been telling us for years as illegals continue to pour across the open border…. . At least they seem to think  (or at least they keep saying, anyway) that nothing will keep those southern border crossers out….In fact, they are even trying to keep Arizona from building walls….

But Ukraine (among lots of other nations in and around Europe) seem to think that they will help with border security. 

I wonder how many US aid dollars are going towards funding the Ukraine/Belarus border wall….and how much is being skimmed off  by Zelenskyy and kicked back to the folks in the US who approved the funding?