Religion of Peace

my ass.

When I was but a boy, my parents used the phrase “actions speak louder than words”.

Follow the link, you decide. Peaceful? Or something other than peaceful. I have always held the belief that there are many Muslims with whom I could peacefully coexist…..But I see no condemnation of the fatwa by any Muslim groups. In fact, I waited a week before posting about this to see if any condemnation was forthcoming. I have seen none. 

I followed her lead, as did many others. I posted a lighthearted cartoon about Mohammed on this blog. Instead of going after a woman, I urge those who would threaten the cartoonist to come see me and express their displeasure. I betcha that I pay the ferrymans fee before I check out. And I bet your jihad warriors find out if the 72 virgins are real.

Wanna express your displeasure boys? Start here…Start with me instead of a woman. Be a warrior. Attack a target that fights back. It’s easy to threaten a woman or a child….. not so much when it is someone who will give you a run for your money.

Let us go find out about those virgins.

If this doesn’t wake the rest of you up, what will?