Shouldn’t we wait until there is a

Actual EMERGENCY before declaring a State of Emergency? Maybe wait a bit and see if the storm actually materializes?

So far it appears that (as of 10 pm Central time) New York has about 6″ of snow, yet the plans are to shut the city down around 10 pm because Snow.

Christ, if the midwest acted this way we’d be shut down from Dec 15 until April 1st. 

3 thoughts on “Shouldn’t we wait until there is a

  1. It's Tuesday morning, the snow that they pleaded with us to prepare for has not arrived. Where did these people get their meteorology degree's, the "Al Gore School of Weather"?

  2. Was shocked to hear the reporter in NYC talk about cops being out ticketing people for the misdemeanor offense of being out in the storm. Where are the protestors for this?? Its a good idea to stay in out of the weather, but do people think its ok for the government….at any level….to make travel a crime??

  3. Walked the dog at 9PM and then, sick of hearing about the "storm to end all storms" and, because it was snowing and windy as heck, went to bed around 10:15 or so. Woke up and looked out the window around 5AM and it sure looked like it must have stopped snowing immediately after I went to bed.

    Not that I had any big desire to be out in the storm and I certainly had no need to drive last night, but this "travel ban" shit needs to be done away with.

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