Yeah, really, this is a bad idea

(In which I will no doubt  bring down a whole slew of epithets and the wrath of a lot of gunnies)

Stutzman to introduce reciprocity bill.  

Yeah, a lot of people are jumping up and down and urging support for this.

Yes, most of my readers would like to be able to carry across state lines, no matter what state they are traveling though or to. I would love to be able to do so as well. I HATE traveling to Illinois, (or especially Chicago) and having to leave my heater at home.

But think things through here:  Reciprocity, while a nice dream, is fraught with issues: To begin with, each state has different standards. Do you want to have zero standards? Others require a great deal of training and expense to obtain a Concealed Carry license.   Do ya think that if this bill passes that the requirements (and likely cost) won’t become onerous? Standards for a national CCL will move to the higher (or at least perceived higher) standards.

Then lets look at the the whole 10th amendment issue. You don’t think that if this bill were to pass (it won’t) it wouldn’t be used as a wedge to further erode the 10th amendment and even further enhance the powers of the Federal Government over the States? They already control a lot of things with Drivers licences and Marriage laws (and let us not mention the Commerce Clause).

Those of us who live in states that have good concealed carry laws chose those states (and/or supported those laws) and vote for representatives that continue to support those same laws. Those folks who live in states where concealed carry is difficult or onerous choose to continue to vote for lawmakers who keep THOSE laws in place.

Are you willing to allow a state like California or Illinois  or New York determine the regulations you have to meet to get a CCL? Or set national standards for magazine capacity? Or further erode the (ever less) sovereignty of the states?  ‘Cause that is what this bill is likely to do.

Some in our gunnie community are urging you to contact your Senators and Representatives to support this bill.  I urge you to do the opposite.

3 thoughts on “Yeah, really, this is a bad idea

  1. Good points from an Indiana CCW'er.

    Yes, I'd like reciprocity for the assumed benefits. But if it happens, like you suggest, 'my papers will not be in order.'

    Imagine the shock to those who think the 2nd Amendment is reciprocity enough to carry whatever they want wherever they want…

  2. Should be treated like a driver's license… And those also have different requirements state to state for training…

  3. I agree – what's to keep them from picking the state with the most restrictive and expensive requirements to get CC and make THOSE the national standard.

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